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5 Famous Religious Places Around the World to Visit

Callanish Stones

If you are a religious person, you may want to plan your next vacation in a place that offers you a deeper insight into religion. Religious places around the world are often ancient, providing a glimpse into many historical stories. They offer tranquility, which many of us don’t get much owing to our busy lives. Even if you are not so religious, it’s a good idea to explore some of the famous religious sites in the world, as you can see rich history, cultural heritage and intricate architecture in many of these sites. Some of them are located amidst great natural beauty.

Listed below are some of the most famous religious sites around the world that you can visit:

1. Callanish Stones:

Callinish Stones have been constructed roughly between 2900 – 2600 BC, i.e., about the same time when Stonehenge was being constructed. According to legend, this religious site is remains of one of the renowned Christianity worship centers. You can even find Callanish stones that can be touched. You may come across a huge number of people when visiting this religious place. Each year, thousands of tourists visit this site to get a feel of a religious center famous once upon a time.

Callanish Stones

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2. The Hypogeum:

The Hypogeum, situated in Malta, was built originally in 3500 BC. It is the one and only example of underground temple. It’s a blend of natural caves, united by chambers and walls. It also has an area, referred to as the “speaking chamber”, which is a room having round walls, made for religious speakings with the “holy one”. However, it may be a bit tricky for you to visit the site, as the religious place is being protected. About 80 people are only permitted to enter this place per day.

The Hypogeum

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3. The Pantheon:

The Pantheon had been constructed in Rome, and is referred to as “All God”. It’s perhaps a better preserved religious site in the list. The origin of the temple dates back to 126 AD, and it was around for several years after being constructed. In 7th century, the temple was transformed for catering to the Christian church’s needs and wants. At present, the site has several religious items and symbols, and there are many people who still consider this religious place as a “portal” for speaking to God.

The Pantheon

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4. The Ajanta Caves:

The Ajanta Caves, located in India, were built between 200 BC and 600 AD. They were lost almost for centuries, and then were discovered finally in 1819 by a few hunters. The site comprises around 30 caves, which are decorated richly with wall paintings and religious artifacts. Although they are not at all masterpieces, but they show that the area was very popular among religious followers.

Ajanta Caves

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5. Delphi:

Delphi is situated in Greece, and made a deep impact on Western world. The place was known to be a center of worship for Apollo, and was a sacred place for most Greek city states. Although the temple is in a ruined condition now, once upon a time it was very popular. The many temples and shrines contained by the site proves this. In the ancient times when it was built, it used to be a religious site where people came and spoke to a religious oracle, which offered them “spiritual” advice. In the present times, the temple is quite popular still among the religious community.


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So, choose one or more of these religious places to visit in your next vacation. All of the places in this list are very famous and attract a huge number of religious people. They would surely provide you a tranquil and spiritual experience.

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