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Have a Sweet Tooth? 5 World Famous Delicious Desserts to Try


If thinking about desserts itself brings a smile over your face, you have come to the right place in search of delicious sweet dishes. The world is full of places that are famous for their mouth-watering desserts, besides other attractions. So, if travel is in your mind, why not choose a place that can let you taste some really delicious sweet dishes?

Listed below are some desserts renowned in the world for their taste, along with the names of the places where you can find them.

1. Tiramisu in Italy:

This Italian dessert’s name has the meaning – “Pick me up”. And yes, just a spoon of the extremely tasty soft cake, lets you experience a taste that makes you fly. The dessert is made up of ladyfingers that are dipped into coffee, flavored using liquor and cocoa, and has whipped egg yolk layers, and in between, there is mascarpone cheese. The dish has the quality of melt-in-mouth, which is loved a lot, and you would be left longing for more after having it.


Image Courtesy: al-recipes.blogspot.in

2. Cheesecake in USA:

The New York version of Cheesecake, makes one among the most tasty types you can avail in the world. This is quite common and a very popular dessert, that’s found almost everywhere in America and Europe. The dish has topping of fresh, soft cheese, along with crust of pastry, spongecake or biscuit. You can find cheesecakes in various flavors, with a wide selection of toppings. So, it’s really tough to pick up which type of cheesecake to have.


Image Courtesy: www.newworld.co.nz

3. Pastel de nata in Portugal:

This dessert can be found in several places, and is quite popular in places where the Portuguese had settled down. The pastry cup shape, and the dessert’s filling, have undergone many variations, but essentially the dish has still remained the same.


Image Courtesy: www.gelfrite.pt

4. Rabri in North India:

Rabri is an Indian dish. To prepare the dish, milk is boiled at low heat till the milk has a consistent thickness, and its color changes to light pinkish from white. Sugar, nuts and spices are added to milk then, and this dessert is prepared. This is a very famous sweet dish in India’s northern part, and cities such as Varanasi are renowned for the various types of Rabri they offer.


Image Courtesy: foodviva.com

5. Pavlova in New Zealand:

Two countries, Australia and New Zealand, have Pavlova as their national dish. This fact can help you imagine the amount of affection and love with which this sweet dish is prepared. Named on Anna Pavlova, the famous dancer, the meringue-based sweet dish is loved because it can be easily prepared and has simplicity. In spite of New Zealand and Australia being doubtful about the dessert’s origin, research shows that Pavlova originated in New Zealand. This sweet dish consists of a light and soft interior along with a crisp crust.


Image Courtesy: en.wikipedia.org

So, include one or more of these places in your travel itinerary, and try the desserts of those places. It would surely be an exotic experience.


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