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6 good reasons to go river cruising this summer

Its summertime and you intend to cash in on the vacation that is overdue. Think no further and settle for the waters. Give yourself the best experience of your life in a cruise and watch the sun go dim behind your back as the vessel speeds through the green waters of the Caribbean. River cruising has been on a spree among all travel minds and we will give you six good reasons to fall for it.

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1. No brainer, no hastles

There’s no second thought while choosing a vacation. The options are limited–Good or bad. The adventure level is different for each journey and one gets to make his own choice while settling for a destination. While you are on a river cruise, you will never have to face any challenges. There’s no deciphering of maps, reading queer road signs in foreign languages which leads you to wander around the same place about a dozen times or a need to pick a guidebook for navigation.

2. Less schlepping

If you are travelling in a cruise, there is always less schlepping. In other words, you save yourself a lot of time as you have to unpack only once.

3. You always hit upon something new looking outside the window

On a cruise, things are always brighter outside. The sun, the trees, the waters, the ports–they all have something new to offer each time you look at them and you can spend the entire day by merely gazing out of the window. Besides, the shorelines; they are always changing as the vessels pass by.

4. Exploration has a new dimension

River cruising is a great way to access water bodies which have witnessed settlements across the banks. Moreover, the port sightseeing is accompanied with guided tours which lets you know about the place in detail which in turn imparts a new dimension while one is exploring a new place. Moreover, the tour guides are extremely helpful with elderly people and can tune up or slow down the pace of the sightseeing accordingly.

5. Good food is like being in heaven

On a cruise, you will eat a lot and you will have a lot of time to eat. It’s a foodie’s paradise with culinary recipes and exotic drinks that will never let you fall short of spirit. Usually there is a buffet for both breakfast and lunch and hence, you will always be happy to take your pick. Moreover, there are a huge variety of snacks to choose from when you are sipping in on coffee.

6. You met only a handful of locals

While sightseeing, you visit a particular port for only a few hours and hence, you get to interact with only a few local people. You can also get bike services to go around the town and come back in time before the ship leaves. In any case, you get stuck; you can always drive to the next port and board the ship.

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