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Andaman Islands – A Perfect Vacation in the lap of Nature


It has been almost two years since my first and only visit to the Andaman Islands, but I cannot simply put into words how much I miss the place. Its memories have haunted me ever since I returned to my normal life, and every fiber of my body has yearned to go back every day – if possible, forever.

I was going through some serious personal crisis when my boss advised me to pack my bags and take off for a week. I was distraught and badly broken down, and I knew only Nature could offer me refuge. It was just a random search when I stumbled upon the Andaman Islands, one of the most preferred locations in India by global tourists.

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My stay there was only a week long, but a week is a very little time considering you have a lot of things to explore. The reasons why I have loved Andaman and consider it as a dream travel destination are:

#1. The Cellular Jail
Located in the heart of Port Blair, the Cellular Jail is the only notable historical site you will find. This jail was started in the early 20th century by the then reigning British government to imprison Indians whose only fault was that they desired a free country for themselves. Every brick of this monumental structure echoes screams and cries of the brave souls who fought for independence.

#2. Baratang
The most exciting feature of any trip to Baratang is obviously the Jarawas. One of the aboriginal tribes of Andaman still living in the wild, it was a treat to catch a glimpse of the Jarawas sitting or standing along the Andaman Trunk Road. While the speedboat ride and the Limestone cave was totally worth it, the Mud Volcano which followed was a complete letdown.

#3. Havelock Island
Only an hour and a half boat-ride journey away from Port Blair, the Havelock Island was perhaps the best part of the trip. Serene and picturesque, the beauty was magically comforting. The breath-taking Radhanagar Beach is the crown-jewel of the island. You must stay here for at least 2 days, and also pay a visit to the Elephanta Beach and the Neil Island.

#4. Jolly Buoy
While snorkeling is also available in North Bay Island, but it does not come close to the Jolly Buoy experience. If possible, I would have stayed the whole day snorkeling in the clean and clear blue ocean with its interesting marine life and coral gardens. From clamshells to sea anemones to clownfish and angelfish, everything is just majestic and brilliantly colorful.

#5. Game Fishing
A major reason why I want to go back to Andaman is because I could not take part in this sport due to the lack of time. Trained experts will always be there to assist and guide you in environment-friendly catch and release techniques. Not only coral trouts and barracudas, you can even catch and pose for a photograph with a live shark if you are lucky (and survive to tell the tale)!

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