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Five Antics Of New York City Which I Failed To Understand

New York is undoubtedly a mesmerizing city, one that is full of dreams and promises. The city, however, has its own share of absurdities too. When I traveled to New York, I decided to stay there for a period of three months and hence thought it wise to live a commoner’s life and find my way around. It was truly a beautiful experiences with a certain amount of nonsensicalness. Here are five things that struck me the most:

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Railroad Apartments
When I moved into my rented apartment on the fourth floor of a building, I was told that it was constructed in the railway style. Being a foreigner, I meekly accepted the keys. It was later that I found out that “railroad” style means that one bedroom leads into the next without any connecting hallway in between. I found the construction technique exceptionally peculiar, and the never-ending chain of identically planned and furnished rooms often had a dizzying effect on me.

Blowout Bars
These blowout bars are present in every street corner. The innuendo of the title often tricks tipplers to walk into these bars in the expectation of a happy hour alcohol serving, but to their surprise, these bars just turn out to be hair salons for women who do not have a hair dryer, or any knowledge of the technique required to set their hair themselves. Every sitting costs around thirty dollars. What I found extremely funny was the name adopted by these hair salons.

Bathroom Attendants
Their presence is rather unexplained, and sometimes even irritating. Imagine someone hands you toilet paper even when you are perfectly capable of doing it yourself. The presence of bathroom attendants in public lavatories is acceptable, but certainly not one in your private apartment.

Starbucks Menu-cards
I walked into one of the seven Starbucks that are there on the street where I lived. While going through their unending lists of espressos and lattes, someone beside me muttered something like “ hot, tall, skinny blond”. It seemed offensive at first, but then, after a while, I discovered to my surprise that it was only a light, small cup of hot coffee. Honestly speaking, even Dunkin Donuts could not ever have been so imaginative.

Cab Timing
Taxis in New York are just like the men of the city, that is, they are abundantly available when you do not need any. On a particular day when it is raining hard, or maybe you are terribly late for work, be rest assured that you will not find any cabs at your service. Moreover, the luxury cars ferrying as taxis are often too expensive.

These, however, do not negate the city’s inherent charm. There is energy flowing through every single pore which gives the city its extraordinary beauty.

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