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Five Authentic Mexican Cuisines That Everyone Should Enjoy

Traveling to an unknown place and discovering its physical delights go hand in hand with enjoying the exquisite cuisine of the place. In this blog, I will talk of five Mexican delicacies that everyone should enjoy.

The main ingredients are chopped chicken, vegetables or beef, which are heavily marinated first, and then roasted on an open flame. Pepper and onions are also added, and the topping is done with a layer of melted cheese. The entire preparation is served on a plate which is too small in size compared to the amount of food that is served. Side dishes like fresh tortilla and spicy green salsa will add to the delight of this dish. It is extremely hot and spicy and chances are that you will be in for a rough ride if your taste buds are designed for bland food.

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If you have a knack for trying out queer food items, then this is the one for you. Generally found in Oaxaca state, salted and fried grasshoppers are another Mexican delicacy. They taste just like potato chips with an extra layer of mushiness. This dish is meant for adventurous and enthusiastic people and those who can gulp it down all the while fathoming the incredulity of eating grasshoppers.

These are tiny, fried pieces of tortilla in green or red salsa that are piled high on a plate before a top layer of egg, chicken, sour cream and cheese are added on top. The plate is usually decorated with re-fried beans on the sides. This is a breakfast meal, and it has the remarkable ability to expand inside your stomach and keep you hunger-free for as many as 9 to 12 days.

These are oblong-shaped, half-inch thick pieces of semi-soft tortilla that are loaded with layers of re-fried beans, lettuce, red onions, shredded cheese, salsa, sour cream, meat or chicken, and any other ingredient that might be lying around in the kitchen. It is an extremely tasty and filling dish.

This is a red soup consisting of small, white nixtamalized cacahuazintle corn balls. It is extremely tasty, but its best to order something along with it as a side dish.

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