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Be your own boss – not just at work, but even during play!

It’s no breaking news – this era of the global recession, where products and services are under constant inflation, is actually a turning point of calamity for all of us in our lives! However, just because prices are on a constant hike, it doesn’t mean that we don’t revel within this misery; every problem has a solution, and the concept of vacationing is no exception to this rule either!

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Just as the feasible and systemic approach of self-driving within the open sanctuaries of Africa has taken the globe-trotting populace by storm, it seems to have sparked much anticipation amongst budding travelers to the Australasian region and beyond too! Yes, instead of relying on the coordination of a tour guide, most of our fellow backpacked counterparts now rely on the wonders of GPS and an authorized Drivers’ License to execute their sightseeing and hiking activities without breaking the bank.

If this idea of wandering and hitch-hiking is too exciting to stomach (I know, I have butterflies in my tummy too!), along with the fact of being a novice to this type of a holiday, fear not, for prompt assistance is here to appropriately guide you.

However, before we get down to the nitty-gritty aspects of the do’s and don’ts of self-driven extravaganzas, here’s a nutshell’s worth of perks that shall just make you refer to this concept of escaping to the lush and inviting glory that lies beneath the wilderness: a perfect no-brainer; read on to know more!

1) Self-driven campervans/SUVs are comparatively cheaper: This is mainly because you don’t need to rent out a spot of harbour to rest in during the nights, since a minimum 2 berths’ worth of sleeping space is seamlessly located within the van, along with miscellaneous furniture and electrical appliances such as camping chairs and a refrigerator.

2) Daily agendas need not be fixed, as such: Depending on your preferences and level of stamina, you are free to trek around wherever – and whenever you like; instead of venturing out at the crack of dawn, you aren’t under any tour guide’s obligations to stick to a schedule that has been prepared by him/her officially in advance.

So, what’s the first issue that requires focus prior to en-cashing an Aussie campervan for rent?

A legal Driver’s License, but of course! Once regulatory formalities are sorted out, beginning that all-awaited journey to the outback can be made official, period!

For Australian citizens: A legit and original copy of an applicant’s Drivers’ License which hasn’t reached its date of expiry, is mandatory.

For Foreign citizens: A legit and original copy of an applicant’s International Drivers’ License (with an original translation in English language, if needed) is mandatorily required, with a valid date of expiry.

Are you below 21 years of age? While the Australian government allows its holders of authorized Drivers’ Licenses to strictly be of 21 years of age minimum, a probationary license is acceptable (in reference to foreign citizens, with an English translation of the licensed document, if at all needed) for the purpose of campervan driving.

Note – Learners’ permits are NOT accepted.

About the author: Jane Taylor loves traveling around the world and learning about different cultures. Additionally she loves sharing her travel experience. These days she is looking for guest house Normandy.  Follow her on Google+.

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