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The Brilliant Color Play And An Engraved Lake Basin You Shouldn’t Miss-Five Flower Lake of China

A legend says, an ancient Goddess got a lovely mirror as a gift from her lover which she accidentally dropped and smashed into 108 pieces. 108 legendary multicolored lakes mushroomed around the world, lets believe from the shattered mirror pieces!(once in a while escaping to myths and legends doth no harm). Here,we are talking about is Wuhua Hai or the Five Flower Lake in China.

jiuzhaigou valley
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A pride of Jiuzhaigou National Park in china, Wuhua Hai is pristine with its glorious water that change its hue from lightest shades of blue to Turquoise, emerald to neon green and the shades you can’t even name. The water is shallow so you can peer down at its translucent, yellowish-white base smeared by ancient tree trunks that create a beautiful under-water painting.

There is an air of mystery associated with the lake too. Local people have confided that during winter when all other lakes freeze to thick ice, Wuhua Hai shines in celestial colors. And with the impeccable mist-free winter sun pouring down on its clear water, it looks like a massive tub full of peacock feathers. They even say there are bubbles sometimes and no one till date could find a creak or hole to roll the air motion. Located in the lap of Minshan Mountain range enhances its beauty rendering it exquisite, no matter where you experience it from. You can glimpse down from the high ranges and lose your senses in the blinding color play or come down up-close-and-personal with the waters touching and wondering about the Goddess, the bubbles, the ancient tree trunk and well get more intrigued with the mysteries of nature.

Location- you can find the lake lighted up with beauty at the southern end of the Minshan Mountain ranges, 330 KM north of the provincial capital of Chengdu and also the prime attraction of Jiuzhaigon National Park of China.

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