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All Budget Hotels in Mumbai

Cosmopolitan in nature, the ceaseless Mumbai city is home to millions of people. Throngs of visitors enter this Indian metro everyday as permanent immigrants, businessmen, aspiring actors, and then there is the tourist crowd. There is a place for everyone to stay, and the Hotels in Mumbai are present in varied sizes, shapes and denominations, suiting all kinds of pockets. The effective Mumbai Tourism campaign shelters under its folds and endorses manifold hotel institutions for the benefit of the visiting masses.

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Affordable Stays
Loosen your purse strings, but not by much because there are plenty of affordable accommodations that are safe and secure, clean and comfortable, and reasonably priced around the city for you to pick from.

  • Hotel Celebrations
    Situated at Navi Mumbai with 64 rooms and comfy settings, the place offers an enviable range of complimentary packages. The room charge is inclusive of breakfast, complimentary use of rooftop swimming arena, and health club (gym) facilities. Comprehensive business centre with modern conferencing conveniences is a significant facet. It is one of the perfect Hotels in Mumbai for those seeking an affordable accommodation as well as for bulk bookings.
  • Hotel Royal Palace
    Just a few kilometers away from the airport, the two-star hotel is an ideal traveler’s inn, and is just a stone’s throw away from most of the nearby popular tourist destinations. At an affordable cost, the hotel offers laundry services, spacious rooms, and even doctor-on-call amenities. With Mumbai Tourism industry growing at a rapid pace, hotels such as the Royal Palace give more for less, indirectly encouraging the tourists’ boom.
  • Hotel Milan International
    Within effortless reach of the Bandra market and close to the domestic airport, the resourceful hotel is perfect for the on-the-move sightseers and budget tourists. The inexpensive stay does not lack any of the modern facilities in lieu of the affordable rates. The rooms come loaded with safe deposit lockers, internet connectivity, and other paraphernalia for the reassurance of the guests. The inn is a strong position holder in the midst of other Hotels in Mumbai and is one of the most preferred hotels as budget accommodation.

Mid-range Hotels
As assorted as the Mumbai city, there are countless hotel ranges accommodating the financial resources of the mixed tourist crowds. Whether finalizing a business deal or vacationing with family, there is a hotel for everyone.

  • Krishna Palace Hotel
    The four-star hotel supports customer requirements to the fullest and incorporates higher standards of service. On par with superior rated Hotels in Mumbai, the accommodation offers elegant rooms with ultra-new conveniences. The 68 rooms spread on 15 floors are plush and extravagant, offering extraordinary guest treatments.
  • Yogi Metropolitan
    With a name that describes fusion at its best, the three-star hotel presents deals for the businessmen and a wedding party, equally. The state-of-the-art center for business is inclusive of petite conference rooms replete with modern audio-visual tools of interaction and administration. Even a wedding reception is on an equal-footing here, supported by party services and catering facilities. Utilize the wake-up call service and get ready for the day ahead, whether business or pleasure.

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