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Cruising on the Mediterranean Sea

Are you looking for an exotic holiday filled with all the fun and surprises that you can think of? Is adventure and thrill the perfect ingredient to spice up your dream holiday? Then look no further! Narrow down your search to a sailing vacation through the Mediterranean Sea! A sailing trip through the wide and inviting coastline of the Mediterranean will definitely sum up to be a treat of a lifetime!

With a skipper on board and having nothing to do but laze in the sun and enjoy the scenic view of your surroundings, you can heartily vouch for the fact that going on a sail on the Mediterranean Sea is the best possible way to spend a vacation. You can enjoy the sea and the different ports which are all connected to the Mediterranean.

The best part of the deal is that wherever your sailboat is located, you can always go exploring adjoining locations and surrounding islands that will just maximize the fun quota of your entire holiday.

So many cultures, scenes and adventures on a single trip – a perfect vacation does not get much better than this!

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Ibiza, Spain
At a maximum length of 40 kilometres, Ibiza is a small island. Even with the disadvantage of the island’s size, it’s still one of the largest tourist spots in the Mediterranean area. With amazing beaches and turquoise waters to laze and play in during the day and a legendary party life at night, sailing holidays in Ibiza attracts nearly 1.5 million tourists on a yearly basis. Offering high quality restaurants and amazing secluded beaches which are reachable by water only; Ibiza is the destination of choice for most sailing fans. Even if you love to just sit and sunbathe, Ibiza offers something for everyone.

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Bodrum, Turkey
Bodrum is a major vacation destination in Turkey attracting not only foreign but local tourists as well. With beautiful serene blue waters, it offers perfect diving spots and most diving and sailing enthusiasts frequent its shores. With more bars than anywhere else in the country, Bodrum offers the perfect mix of a busy street life and an active night life. From art enthusiasts to people who enjoy jazz, the diversity of restaurants, clubs and bars in Bodrum has something for everyone.

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Sicily, Italy
Considered to be the most beautiful sailing island in the world, Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean region. With mildly warm to hot weather all year round, the port is a prime location for any sailing holiday. Having a wealth of historical and cultural background, you can see its influences in the locals and the variety and diversity offered in the cuisine which has earned Sicily the title of God’s Kitchen.

These locations are ideal vacation spots with plenty of cruising, kayaking and yachting opportunities available and have been old favorites of all sailing aficionados. The beauty of these destinations is truly unveiled by a sailing or boating trip along its shores. Once you’ve experienced the charm of these places, you’ll want to go there again and again. If you’ve been an avid explorer of these locations or know good sailing spots, please leave a comment about them in the comments section.

Agnese Murniece is a free-time blogger who likes everything about traveling and sailing. Agnese is currently residing in Spain and writing on behalf of aBoatTime.

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