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The Dos And Donts While Watching Egyptian Pyramids

Egyptian pyramids have an other-worldly impact on onlookers, yet, the chances are that they will be heckled back to reality by tour-guides and hollering vendors. Here are some tips for visitors so that they can avoid unruly and discomforting situations when they visit the pyramids.

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Avoid Interacting With Salesmen
Salesmen can incessantly and tirelessly follow and nag visitors to purchase mementos, or opt for a camel ride or horse ride. It is best not to interact with them, as it might be difficult to shrug them off. Many a times, they tend to push things into the hands of visitors, but such items are best left behind as these salesmen will not leave tourists until they accomplish a monetary transaction.

Don’t Let The Cops Fool You
Conning cops are a typical hassle. They generally target couples or large groups of tourists who are interested in taking photographs. They offer to click the shots, and then follow the visitor incessantly until they have successfully extradited a tip.

If Claustrophobic, Then It Is Best To Avoid The Pyramids
The beauty of the pyramids lie in their exterior facade. All artifacts have been removed from within, and the only things that greet visitors are darkness and the bare walls. Hence, there is no point in spending hours waiting in the queues to enter the pyramids if there is lack of time and a tendency to feel claustrophobic in closed places.

Dress Adequately And Appropriately
Female tourists are often targeted by loitering locals and whistled at. Hence, it is best to dress appropriately to avoid attracting the wrong kind of attention. Draping a shawl is a good idea, as it provides protection from the heat, as well as from wandering eyes.

Take Care Of Belongings
Thieves and pickpockets abound the complex of the pyramids. So, whether it is the peak season, or one in which there is a thin crowd, it is best to take care of one’s own belongings to avoid the theft of cash, cards and other important documents.

Visiting Panoramic Viewpoint Is An Absolute Must
The Panoramic Viewpoint is an open desert stretch that allows a clear view of six pyramids out of the nine that are there in totality. While horse rides and camel rides are the easily available options of reaching this place, visitors can also walk down the path and enjoy the beautiful view.

Obey Orders
There are signboards that instruct people not to litter the grounds, or climb the pyramids. Although there are no strict enforcements of these rules, it is best to follow them to maintain the beauty of one of the oldest and most magnificent monuments of the world.

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