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Enjoy Your Trip to Turin – The History Steeped Metropolis

There are several tourist hotspots in Piedmont region of Italy and Turin stands out as a contender with an impressive cultural past and cosmopolitan ambiance. While a mention of Turin conjures up images of Fiat auto plants and Shroud of Turin for the majority, the city has many more things to offer. Its awesome architecture and cuisine are also worth your interest as is its vibrant nightlife and shopping opportunities. Turin also makes a nice starting point to explore places in Italy’s Piedmont region. Located beneath the Alps mounting range and in Po river valley, Turin is close to Switzerland. It is also a city known for its role in Italy’s quest for democracy.

To reach Turin, you can use its small airport named Citta di Torino – Sandro Pertini. However, it is not served by many airlines and as an alternative you can use Milan Airport which is connected to several global destinations. Turin’s Sandro Pertini International Airport is connected to a nearby railway station. Once you reach the city, you can avail its excellent network of buses and trams. The public transport is taken care of by the city’s GTT, comprising of one subway line, plenty of bus lines, two rail lines and 8 tram lines.

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The exotic cuisine of Piedmont can be savored in Turin as well. You can try gourmets comprising of white truffles, Beef, chestnut honey, beetroot mustard, chocolate and hazelnut at the famous restaurants of the city. You can also reward your taste buds with some of the most exotic wines of Italy in this city. In this region, you can find some of the finest red wine variants. However, if you want to enjoy quintessential beverage of Turin, try Bicerin- a rich drink with espresso, dense cream and artisanal chocolate.

When it comes to sightseeing Turin has something for everyone. From nightclubs, bars to museums and grand edifices, you can find them all in this city. The Museo Nazionale Del Cinema or film museum is a must visit spot for movie buffs. It is located inside Mole Antonelliana. The Basilica Di Superga church with an 18th century background is a major attraction for religious minded tourists. It contains graves of popes. You should not miss the architectural wonder Palazzo Reale and famous public park Parco del Valentino. The latter is located on the side of Po River. Two other places that draw footfall in Turin are Egyptian Museum and Pietro Micca museum.

If you are not much fend of seeing museums, places and churches and love natural surroundings and wildlife, head to Turin’s zoo. It has plenty of mammals and avian species and there is a water park as well. If you do not want to explore the streets of Turin and cover places all by yourself, opt for the city’s Sightseeing bus. It covers most of the sightseeing options.
Turin has plenty of accommodation options for visitors. From budget dorms to luxury hotels, you can find everything here. For convenience of traveling, you can look for hotels located close to the train station.

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