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Escape to the Fairy Tale Corridor-The Tunnel of Love in Ukraine

Voted as the most romantic place and aptly named ‘The Tunnel Of Love‘, it is perfect to sweep you off your feet, send chills of pleasant shock down your spine or blind you with its ethereal beauty. Get it straight from someone smitten to numbness by its beauty, this place can cast a spell – an irrevocable spell that is hard to break forth even when days have passed from your return. The images your eyes manage to capture are encased in your mind and linger on your senses languorously, soaking you in its unbridled pleasure. I know I am going too far in description without giving you a hint of it. It is actually a tunnel in Ukraine in the city of Klevan meant for a train which crosses it only thrice a day delivering wood to a factory set up at a small distance. Rest of the day, it is left for love!

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Smooth, soft hue of budding leaves, to yellowish green fluorescence to the dark green that transcends to a bluish tinge, you bask in all shades of green surrounding you in a rolling canopy with sun rays piercing through the density. Walk slowly and let the magic unfold all around you. A lazy, leafy corridor allowing a train to pass and meant for young lovers freshly in love waiting to seal their wish with a kiss. But who says you need to walk around with a palm holding yours? You could be that lone ranger out to allow nature to entrap you. So this be the place. Perhaps a tiny sack for your necessities and a camera to feed the shutterbug you preserve so delicately within. If the bright hues of a summery afternoon are not enticing enough, try a wintry moonlit night when the snow covered canopy turns silvery still.

Don’t plan anything, just land up there and let it bemuse you. Perhaps a book to lie down with or simply your mind which is an abode of imagination. The tunnel with its velvety veneer of leaves let you dream more.

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Soothing and beautiful, a slice of nature unperturbed and unspoiled by anything artificial is ready to take you away on a trip of beautiful delirium far from every worry.

How to reach there?

Sever kilometers away from the city of Klevan in Ukraine. Pretty easy to catch any transport that will deliver you there. You can in fact take the train that rides through the tunnel thrice a day delivering wood.

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