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Explore Paradise: Top Sights to See in Port Douglas

Port Douglas is a tropical paradise of diversity, where the reef meets the rainforest. No other area in the world is bordered by two magnificent World Heritage sites right in their backyard. For over 25 years, visitors have been enjoying in the unique and environmentally enriched holiday spot that is Port Douglas. For your once in a lifetime trip to paradise, ensure that you do not miss these top sights to see.

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Great Barrier Reef

Port Douglas is the ideal location for a trip to tour the world’s largest and most exceptional coral reef system. With more than 12 tours departing each daily from the port, there are ample opportunities for visitors to explore the Great Barrier Reef. Witness its natural beauty deep under the surface by scuba diving, view it from above by snorkeling, or feast your sights on the reefs from a glass-bottomed boat tour. Port Douglas tours will take you to the most pristine parts of the reef, where you will see over 400 types of coral and swim with more than 1,500 species of fish. Visitors must take advantage of this once in a lifetime chance to tour the breathtaking Agincourt, Opal, Ribbon, and Tongue reefs.

Daintree Rainforest

The oldest living rainforest on the globe, Daintree National Park is easily accessible to visitors of Port Douglas. Including nearly 900,000 hectares, the rainforest boasts natural beauty, tremendous biological diversity, and legendary evolutionary history. From the tropical rainforest and eucalypt forest to the wetlands and mangrove forests, the area meets all criteria for its listing as a World Heritage site. Visitors can explore the rainforest through countless trail walks through the park. However, it is highly recommended that you experience the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway, which is arguably the best way to experience Daintree. Spanning 7.5 kilometers, the ride will take you over the pristine rainforest and descend through the canopy layers for an unforgettable tour. The terminal is located just 50 minutes from Port Douglas, so hop in your car hire for a short drive. Your adventure awaits you!

Cape Tribulation

Located about an hour and a half away from Port Douglas, you may want to consider taking the relatively quick drive by car hire. The roads connecting the two towns are well-maintained and sealed for a comfortable road trip through the lush Daintree Rainforest. Cape Tribulation boasts some of the most perfect beaches in the world, literally a tropical dream come true. Along the beaches, there are many activities to engage in, including horse riding treks, kayaking, diving, snorkeling, and even exotic fruit tastings. Or, perhaps just enjoy a relaxing day on the beaches basking in the sunshine and warmth of the sand between your toes.

Although Port Douglas is a very popular holiday destination for tourists and locals alike, the town still retains its charming village feel. Visitors can also meander through the streets of town, where the palm trees are taller than the buildings. Partake in some shopping or dining at the wide variety of cafes and restaurants, offering some world class cuisine options. Port Douglas literally has it all for endless opportunities! Let your imagination run wild and start exploring all that this tropical paradise has to offer.

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