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Goa Travel Guide – The Forts of Goa

Beach vacation and Goa are synonymous with each other and most of the times the temptation is to simply laze on the beach all day long. However, there is so much more to this wonderful holiday destination than just the beaches. Prominent Goa tourist places also boast a number of magnificent forts that may be in ruin today but are definitely worth a visit. The giant walls of these forts have withstood nature’s wrath for centuries and give a glimpse of Goa’s past.

Goa travel guide lists out some of the most famous forts that should be part of anyone’s travel itinerary in Goa:

Aguada Fort: This is one of the best-preserved and largest forts in Goa. The Portuguese built this fort between 1609 and 1612 to prevent Old Goa from enemy attacks and restrict entry into River Mandovi. This fort was constructed to guard against the Marathas and the Dutch, therefore, the walls of the fort are almost 5 metres high. During the 450 long rule of the Portuguese over Goa, it is not surprising to find out that this is the only fort that was not conquered. It is believed that a deep moat and 200 cannons were used to protect the fort. There are a substantial number of springs around the fort that voyagers used for getting fresh drinking water. Since springs surround the fort, therefore it got its name ‘Agua’ implying water in Portuguese. This fort is mentioned in practically every Goa travel guide.

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Cabo da Rama Fort: Situated in Cancona, this fort has derived its name after Lord Ram, the hero of the Hindu mythology Ramayana. It is believed during his exile, he spent time here along with his wife. In 1763, the Portuguese wrested control of this place from the Hindu rulers and built their own fort that is in ruins today. This crumbling citadel now houses a number of cannons. While there is not much to see except for the old structure, a small church that is still in use and the magnificent views from the western side of the fortress. On the western side, there is a sharp cliff drop offering fabulous views of both the north and south. It is the views that make this fort one of the best Goa tourist places.

Chapora Fort: Situated at a distance of 10 km from Mapusa, the Portuguese built this fort on a site of a Muslim structure in the year 1617. This fort is particularly known for its history because time and again the Marathas had captured it. Another aspect that makes it a worthwhile experience to come up to this fort, which is in ruins now are the splendid views that one gets to enjoy. The fort overlooks Vagator and Anjuna beaches thereby offering scenic vistas. This is one of the Goa tourist places that have also featured in a number of movies.

Besides, these three are quite a few other forts too that one can choose to explore such as Reis Magos Fort, Terekhol Fort and Rachol Fort. However, Chapora Fort and Aguada Fort feature high among the various Goa tourist places and are hence much more popular than others.

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