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A Gondola Tour Through The Winding Waterways of Venice

Venice, the city located at the northeastern parts of Italy is famous for its artworks and architectures. The biggest attraction of this city is the canals separating small islands that Venice consists of. People from all around the world come to bask in the glory of a spectacular history consisting of some of the best architectural works. There is no better way to explore them other than on a ride of gondola through the waterways of Grand canal.

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A gondola ride up the Grand canal can be much more than just a tour through the lanes of a city with historical importance. You do not feel the Venetian nerves until you are on a gondola, rowing through the arteries of the city. You can hire a boat to row through the waterways on your own or take a ride from the gondoliers waiting to serenade you on the amazing tour.

If you visit Venice for even a short professional tour, you should not miss out on a gondola ride through the canals. Chances are high that you get to visit many of the beautiful places that remained unexplored while touring the city on car. Your gondola can easily slip through the winding narrow water ways through the islands of Venice.

Grand canal takes you through a part of Roman history that can only be reached by this amazing slow carriage. A tour on the Grand canal helps you explore six churches, fifty palaces and two open-air markets.

Of late, the back canals have become popular among tourists planning for a gondola ride. The main reason behind it is the serenity and peace they enjoy during a ride through the back canals. Moreover, traveling the less toured areas will offer you a different view of Venice.

There are other cheaper options to explore the castles and churches on the banks of Grand Canal. Water taxi is the most economic options of them all. But, none of these vessels can offer you an experience of a gondola ride. Previously, gondola was one of the most important mode of transportation for people in Venice. The high fare of gondola has compelled them to choose the lower priced versions like, vaporetti, water taxi, etc. Moreover, these carriages speed up your tour a bit.

There was a time (around a couple of hundred years back) when 10,000 gondolas used to cross the Grand canal every day. Now the number has come down to 500. Even you can be among the fortunate people who have experienced the thrill of enjoying a gondola ride through the historical city of Venice. All you have to do is stretch your budget of Venice tour a bit that you can fit in a gondola ride in it, comfortably.

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