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A Guide To The Mesmerizing Lake District Of Austria

Salzburg in Austria is a truly musical country, for not only is this the place where Mozart was born, but it is also the place where The Sound Of Music was shot. It is the fourth largest city in Austria, apart from being the capital of Salzburg Republic. Within the parameters of the city, there are signs that lead to Mirabelle Gardens, a place that once swayed to the tunes of Do, Re, Mi.

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However, the real beauty of this place lies in the enthralling Lake Districts called Salzkammergut. This district has as many as 76 lakes. This place can be easily visited for a day-trip from Salzburg. The quaint villages, scenic hills and shimmering lakes that dot the district are indeed breathtaking.

Fuschlsee is the first lake in this group. It is indeed very beautiful and picturesque, and visitors are allowed to hike around the lake, which might take as long as four hours. Swimming is also allowed, but it is best to consult tourist kiosks and ensure that you are allowed to dive in. The village that is closest to this lake is called Fuschl, and it has hotels and lodges to accommodate the summer tourist crowd. While traveling to this place from Salzburg, you can also visit Leopoldskron Palace and Hellbrunn Palace where certain scenes of the movie The Sound Of Music were shot.

Lake Wolfgangsee and the aligning village Strobl is another famous tourist spot. Apart from boat cruising, visitors can also go for hiking and biking. Mount Zwolferhorn is a great winter skiing destination. There is also the Schafbergbahn train, which is a 19th century stem engine, which follows an extremely picturesque route.

After this, you can head towards Mondsee, which is an extremely pretty village. The marketplatz has numerous cafes where visitors can lounge around and enjoy coffee and pastries. Mondsee means “Moon Lake” and is apt for boat riding if the whether is good.

Other than these, Hallstat is another extremely beautiful place. Some even claim it to be the oldest village in Austria. In 1997, it was turned into World Cultural and Natural heritage Site by UNESCO. After you have savored the beauty of this place, you can visit the salt mines for which this place is equally famous.

The best way to get to the Lake Districts is to hire a car form Salzburg. The lake Districts holds seasonal delights too. So if you are interested in boating, then summer is apt for you, on the other hand, if you want to ski on the mountain slopes, then there is no better time than winter. But all in all, the best time to visit this place is during the months of April to October.

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