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Harmonizing the Old and the New, the City of London

Crowned as the quintessentially British, London retains her aura and her charm even when she is about to partake in the third Olympics in 2012. 2011 though seemed to wobble her economically; London sprang back exuding her charisma despite the crisis and the upheavals.

Often referred as the “world in the city,” London remains the culmination of varied cultures, customs and thereby emerged as the spicy melting pot of sorts! Each person living there reverberates with life, contributing to the energy of the city. There are many places to see and feel the resonating warmth of the place; I specially recommend imbibing the city’s food, culture, customs and events to feel the real serenity of the place.

Be it the cities fish and chips or the massive London Eye, or the elegant silhouette of the Tower Bridge, London never fails to amaze the new. The Jerusalem Tavern remains to startle since the beginning of 18th century. Centuries old décor of occasional white tiles, it remains an enthralling experience to drink in the ambience of the old and in the company of the new.

The oldest riverside pub, the Devils Tavern spells mischievousness even in its name. Though mainly a tourist trail, the open restaurants present today inculcate the sense of the mystic as we dine a sumptuous meal.

The newer sites exuberates the hip and the casual. The bistros serve their own twist of the culinary and offer the best wine of the era. London harmonizes the old and new to present a mixed culture which never fails to impress or express.

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