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Helpful Tips if You Are Driving in a Foreign Country

The need for frequent travels, both on the official and the personal front, is increasing. For frequent travelers, it becomes very important to commute independently with an international driving license in hand. Though most rules of transportation remain the same, there are certain aspects that must not be ignored if you happen to drive in a foreign country.

Things You Must Do

  • International Driving License: Though you might be a very experienced driver in your country and own a local license, it is highly necessary to acquire an international permit to drive outside your country. Make sure your license is valid for the country to which you travel and contains all your information in relevant languages as well. International driving license is one of the strongest identity proofs for the transportation authorities of other countries.
  • Left Side or Right Side Driving: Depending on which country you are from, it becomes extremely necessary for you to first understand if the country to which you travel has the same side driving or the opposite side driving rule. If it’s the latter, the entire transportation rules and signs would vary from that of yours. You must be well versed in both side driving or must practice enough on reaching the other country. You can also join some driving schools in your destination country.
  • Understand the Rules: Though you might have the expertise of both sides driving, you ought to understand and go through the transportation rules of the foreign country you propose to travel to. Just as rules differ between the countries, so do the traffic signs. Hence, you have to pay close attention to the signs, well before you start to drive.

  • Seat Belt and Speed Limits: Always maintain speed limits specific to the roads and drive on the right lane that pertains to your speed. Make sure you and your family members wear seat belts, irrespective of the speed at which you drive.
  • Liability Insurance: If there is no public transportation facility in the country of your visit and you are to hire a car, ensure that you have all the valid papers for the car such as liability insurance etc. Also, make sure to check the vehicle well before you rent it.
  • GPS: In a new country where you are yet to get familiarized with, it makes great sense to hire or have a car with a good GPS system for you to know where you are. This will help you reach destinations independently, without wasting time.
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Things You Must Avoid

Just as there are things you must follow, learn, and understand about the transportation rules and roads while driving in a foreign country, there are things you must not do, which are as follows:

  • Avoid Unknown Destinations: If you travel to a country of unfamiliar language, avoid driving to unknown destinations. Plan your day, communicate with known people (could be your hosts or staff of the hotel where you are staying) and take some time to go through the map to understand where exactly you plan to travel during the day. Having a good GPS is a wise choice.
  • Avoid Night Driving: Until you become familiar with the local transportation rules, your regular routes, and the local language, avoid driving alone during nights. This is because if you miss your route, you will neither be able to communicate nor be able to help yourself back home.
  • Avoid Drunk Driving: Though some countries allow consumption of alcohol within limits, when you are new to a country, avoid drinking and driving.
  • Avoid Using Mobiles: This is a very common mistake people commit, as there are no strict transportation rules that restrict mobile usage in most countries. Try to use hands-free facility or Bluetooth to communicate while driving. However, if possible, try to avoid talking over the phone while you drive.

Though this might appear to be a long list, once you practice these during your first few trips abroad, they will be ingrained into your subconscious to become your second nature.

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