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Three Hotshot Destinations for Music Lovers

As the proverb says, “music has charms to soothe the savage beast”, music has been believed to possess an all-embracing power force that can dispel fear, demean greed and invigorate the spirit to achieve the impossible. Music is universal healer, a power that can banish the cross country differences and brace diverse cultures as one single entity. From the urban folks to trance, Carnatic to hip-hop, music in all forms enchants and enthralls. If you are one of the music buffs and favor particular genre then this post is for you. Herein, we have narrowed down a list of cities which you should visit to experience popular styles of music at its best.

Latino: Havana, Cuba

An aficionado of Latin American music can never miss a trip to Cuba. Cuba is the end destination of popular Latino styles including salsa, tango, rumba, conga, bachata and cha-cha-cha. The capital city, Havana is also the choicest place for jazz music and it hosts the popular “Havana International Jazz Festival” where jazz maestros from all around the world perform. You would also love the “Instituto Superior de Arte”, where the best musicians of Cuba train. If you are a Salsa fan, you cannot give Casa de la Música, a miss! Casa de la Música is a club in the district of Miramar, where some of the top bands in Cuba play. Visit the club in the wee hours of the night to experience the best performances.

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Classical: Salzburg and Vienna, Austria

Classical music is one of the ancient forms of music that has its origins in Germany and Austria and the Austrians proudly showcase their rich musical history. Vienna is the Austrian capital and is called ‘The Capital of Classical Music’. Vienna is the city where both Beethoven and Mozart played, so did veteran musicians Franz Schubert and Joseph Haydn. If the stats are to be believed, as many as 12,000 fans turn up for the classical music concerts every night in Vienna. There are number of concert cafes wherein live music is played at a regular basis. One of the best concert cafes around is Ringstrasse. You can also attend Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde concerts or the concerts by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra or the Vienna Boys Choir. Mozart fans would have to pay a visit to Salzburg, the place where the great musician was born. You can take a look at his home as well as the museum where his harpsichord, , clavichord, concert violin, and different portraits are on display.

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Trance: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tracne is relatively a new genre of music, coming on to the scene during the 1990s. Germany is the birthplace of this style of music, but it became famous in the Netherlands. The Dutch DJs like Tiesto and Armin van Buuren are credited to have popularized this style of music around the globe. A number of most popular dance music festivals in the globe are hosted in Amsterdam and the place has got some of the best trance clubs. Amsterdam is known as the Mecca of Trance and is the choicest place for any EDM (electronic dance music) lover. During the month of October, the largest trance festival – Amsterdam Dance Event – takes place. Sensation is another popular festival of trance music which takes places during the month of July. Clubs such as Escape and Studio 80 are also the must-visti place for trance music lovers.

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