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Love Wild Animals? 3 Amazing Places to See Wildlife

Kalahari Desert

You haven’t known nature well, if you haven’t seen animals residing in the wild. Wild animals are amazing creations of God, many of whom can mesmerize you with their beauty (and some can of course, scare you off too!). There are zoos, of course, to see wild animals, but watching them in their natural habitat, is an unforgettable experience. If you are attracted to the wild, plan your next vacation in a place that gives you a glimpse of the jungle and its members.

Here are a few amazing places to see wildlife:

1. Kalahari Desert, in Namibia – for meerkats and big cats:

Deserts are places that can give you some extraordinary surprises, and the Kalahari is one such desert. This desert has small sand dunes of red color, melting into the golden grass. You can also find dried-out rivers and acacia trees. The desert transforms in the wet season, with water pools gathering in riverbeds, and the rivers start flowing occasionally. You can see cheetah, hyena and lions here, along with meerkats and other kinds of burrowing animals.

Kalahari Desert

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2. Shark Bay, in Western Australia – for dugongs and wild dolphins:

Western Australia is home to a wide range of marine animals. You can find very few places around the globe where wild dolphins can be seen so easily, as at Shark Bay. It makes an amazing marine reserve, as well as a site of UNESCO World Heritage. The massive sea grass beds of the place have a large number of rays, dunongs, turtles and seasnakes. The ‘Francois Peron national park’ is at close proximity to the site. If lucky, you will get to watch a group of wonderful female dolphins in the national park, who aquaplane on the beach, for catching fish. Dugongs can also be seen in water in a calm day, from a cliff-top lookout. Camp under the stars for a night, and you would get an amazing experience.

Shark Bay

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3. West Coast of Scotland – for watching birds:

This place, particularly the ‘Isle of Mull’, is quite heaven like. When there is sunshine here, its wilderness, seascapes and its big seabird colonies create an unforgettable experience. You can spot golden and white-tailed sea eagles here, along with basking sharks. The place makes a great kayaking site, but you can also choose to sail the coast, between isles and St Kilda. St Kilda is a small island, and one of the World Heritage Sites. It has cliffs that are some of the highest in UK, and comprise over half a million of breeding seabirds.

West Coast of Scotland

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So, ready to head on to the wild? Choose one or more of these places to get a great, adventurous trip in the jungle. Don’t forget to carry your camera along, as your would find a lot of spectacular sceneries as well as creatures worth taking pictures, in these places to see wildlife.

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