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What are the Must-have Items in a Carry-on Bag?


If you are frequent in traveling by airplanes, you must be well-aware what a carry-on bag is and how important it is to have it with you. For the ones who do not know, a carry-on bag is a small piece of luggage which one can take on-board the airplane. The bag can either be placed under the seat or, in most cases, in an overhead compartment.

However, you cannot just turn any regular bag into a carry-on bag. It should weigh less than 18 kilograms (40 pounds), and should not exceed the dimensions of 22” x 14” x 9”. Therefore, it is very obvious that the carry-on bag must have the items you can not (and should not) travel without keeping close at hand.

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#1. Boarding pass, Passport, and Identification documents: Do you really think it is a sensible idea to travel in an airplane without keeping the boarding pass, your passport, identification proof and other valuable documents within reach?

#2. Cash and Credit cards: It is always safe to keep some cash with you, in case there is a mishap with your checked luggage. In case of an emergency landing, your credit card can also prove to be extremely useful.

#3. Books, Magazines or E-Reader: Let’s face it, flying is usually a very boring affair. In order to pass the time, carry your favorite book with you or buy a couple of magazines from the airport. An e-reader loaded with your current list of must-reads can be a great alternative.

#4. Moisturizer and Face wipes: The air inside the airplane can make your skin go very dry. In order to avoid mid-flight discomfort, use a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and supple. You can also go for face wipes to quickly freshen up after being cooped up for hours.

#5. Extra pair of Clothes: Little accidents with foods and beverages is common during a flight. Keeping an extra pair of clothes in the carry-on bag will come in handy if the ones you are wearing gets dirty beyond use.

#6. Medications and Breakable items: Be practical and pack important medicines to cure common airsicknesses like nausea and upset stomach. You can also choose to pack breakable items in your carry-on bag if you do not trust the baggage handlers of the airport.

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