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Must See Attractions of Phuket

Phuket, a southern province in Thailand is somewhat smaller than the size of Singapore (which is Thailand’s largest island). Located off the west coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea, this island is joined to the mainland Thailand by two bridges. In the ancient time, the island was a part of major trading routes between India and China, also for Portuguese, French, Dutch and English traders. Therefore, the whole province is enriched with a colorful history combining different cultures. As a culturally rich city, Phuket offers you an array of options to get entertained with. Right from natural to pre-natural and from land-based to water activities, there is a lot you can do here. However, in the following write-up, we have listed some of the attractions which you must see while visiting Phuket.

Phang Nga Bay
One-of-its kind natural marvel, Phang Nga Bay is a 400 square kilometre bay in the Strait of Malacca between the island of Phuket and the mainland of the Malay peninsula of southern Thailand. A unique feature of Phang Nga Bay is the sheer limestone karsts that jut vertically out of the emerald green water. The two most famous spots of this exquisite bay are James Bond Island and Koh Panyee.

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Old Phuket Town
If you are one of those, who love to discover the historical places of a tourist destination than Old Phuket town will surely appeal you in every manner. In the Old Phuket Town, you will get to discover the historically rich part of the province. Unlike many Thai provincial capitals, here you will find shrines, ornate and quaint cafés, tiny printing shops, beautifully preserved ‘shophouses’, etc. According to the history, this town was built on riches harvested from Phuket’s tin boom of last century, the time when metal was an extremely valuable commodity. Another special feature of this town is the unique pompous Sino-colonial mansions, which once occupied by Phuket’s tin barons of 100 years’ ago.

Wat Chalong and Phuket Temples
Wats, literally means Buddhist temples are the most important symbol of Thailand because majority of Thai people follow Buddhism. In fact, Phuket itself is dotted with a total of 29 Buddhist temples. Located in the Chalong Subdistrict, Mueang Phuket District, these Wat Chalong are dedicated to two highly venerable monks, Luang Pho Chaem and Luang Pho Chuang. It is known that they led the citizens of Chalong fighting against the Chinese rebellion in 1876 and helped the injured people with their knowledge of herbal medicine.

Big Buddha
A unique architecture, rather landmark of Phuket, Big Buddha is the most revered as well as visited attractions. This gigantic sculpture is situated on top of the Nakkerd Hills, which is located between the Chalong and Kata. The sculpture is 45 metres high and can easily be spotted from far away. This revered site provides the pictorial views of the entire island.
Apart from these, if you get time, you must not miss to enjoy the nightlife of Phuket. For instance, visit the Bangla Road, enjoy various shows such as Simon Cabaret Shows, and Phuket FantaSea Show and enjoy Thai Boxing (Muay Thai) shows and much more.

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