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On the Road Again: Your Checklist for a Successful Road Trip

On the Road Again: Your Checklist for a Successful Road Trip

Road trips can be incredibly fun and exciting for everyone. They also require careful planning and preparation. You do not want to be caught off guard and wind up trapped in the middle of nowhere. You can easily reduce the chances of that happening. Having a checklist for a road trip can make it successful.

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Create a Detailed but Flexible Itinerary

The first step is creating a detailed but flexible itinerary. Know the route, the distance you can realistically drive each day and where you are staying at the end of the day. Make reservations at hotels. Leave a couple of extra hours open each day so that unexpected inconveniences or traffic do not cause you to fall behind schedule.

Get Your Car Inspected

Take your vehicle in for an inspection a week or two before leaving. Take the time to have minor problems fixed and the car tuned up. This will save you a lot of hassle on the road. You might also want to have the tires rotated or replaced. You want to do this early just in case some repairs end up taking several days.

Bring Printed Maps and Atlases

Bring printed maps and atlases for every place you are going including states you might be in for only a few hours. Do not rely on global positioning systems, laptops or smartphones for navigation. Always have printed maps with you in case of emergencies.

Check Your Car Insurance

Check that you have valid and paid up car insurance before the road trip. Ensure that it will cover your car for the entire trip and buy extra coverage if necessary. Insurance will protect your car and family while on the road. It can pay for repairs, cover accidents and provide roadside assistance. Insurance can make all the difference if something unexpected occurs. Professionals, like those at Colling Insurance Services, Inc, realize how important auto insurance is in times of emergency. Having coverage when you need it most makes a big difference.

Pack an Emergency Kit

Pack an emergency kit that contains water, a little food, a flashlight, and blankets. Include flares, sand, and a small shovel. You might also want to put a charged cell phone and some extra cash in the kit. An emergency kit can be invaluable if you become stranded on a road somewhere.

Bring Entertainment and Snacks

The final step is to bring entertainment and snacks. This could mean games for kids, music or even books to read. You will need this to keep everyone from becoming bored and impatient during some of the longer and more tedious parts of the road trip.

You never want to jump into a road trip without knowing what you are doing. You need to take the time to plot out everything and prepare for every possible eventuality. Just a small amount of planning can ensure the success of your road trip.