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Pack Wisely, Pack Light for a Hassle free Trip

OK I agree that you know it all. Great bag packing is no rocket science. But, still people forget the basics at times. It is not only forgetting that bothers us. Even over-packing can seem to be a huge trouble for you. What the use carrying a heavy bag all around when you can settle for less. The best thing to start with is keeping a list handy. What? This sounds a bit kiddish? Trust me, this is a time tested method for executing many plans successfully. O;nce you have a list, you will get enough time to ponder over it. That will remind you of what else you are forgetting.

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1. A separate Toiletries bag:

What mistake we usually make includes brushing all the toiletries under clothes boxes and in other nooks and crannies of the bags. Packing becomes easy in this process, making unpacking even more difficult. After reaching your destination, you will definitely enjoy spending a lot of time in finding every individual item in your bag. Putting all the toiletries in one small pouch can prove to be an essentially effective solution to this problem.

2. Mix and Match Clothes:

Repeating clothes might be the last thing you do at home. But, while on a trip, it is not at all a great idea to travel with a lot of clothes. It is better to stick to a few of those to keep the travel bag light. Two pairs of jeans and two shirts can create a number of possibilities to explore.

3. Multipurpose Footwear:

Carrying more than one pair of shoes definitely eat on the space inside your travel bag. It is a better idea to pack in one shoe that is wearable with both formal and casual clothes. Heels look fashionable. But, those are not the right choice for traveling. “Flats” can be a better choice.

4. Stick to One Travel Bag:

You must be thinking, “IMPOSSIBLE”. But, when you will have to just dart between airport and hotel and from the hotel to the car parking, you will understand why this is a better idea to “travel light”. The golden rule is to stick to one bag. If at the end of packing, a few knick knacks do not find place in your bag, try to fit them in your large hand bag. But, never try to go for a second bag.

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