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Relive History: The land of Pharaohs and Mummies


Didn’t you ever feel the urge to get teleported to Ancient Egypt while reading a fine chapter of your school History book dedicated to the majestic lifestyle led by the people of the Nile? Have you never experienced that mad craving to walk the moonlit streets of ancient Alexandria or watch from a distance the Great Pyramid of Giza being built? Ever since reading stories of Pharaohs and mummies as a kid, you can’t possibly imagine how badly I still wish to own a Time Machine. Such is the mystery and grandeur of this country!

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Egypt is the one of the leading countries in the world in terms of revenue-generation from its Tourism sector. And this is because Egypt has a long, rich and complex history which spans for more than 3,000 years. The most impressive thing which attracts tourists is the Great Pyramid of Giza, the only intact Wonder of the Ancient World. This huge man-made Goliath along with two smaller pyramids and the Sphinx is the picture we most connect with this country.

The Valley of the Kings is a World Heritage Site and also a famous archaeological spot. This place holds tombs of famous Pharaohs and powerful nobles – a staggering 63 tombs and chambers have been discovered so far, whose sizes range from a small pit to a complex tomb with over 100 chambers. The most notable among them is the tomb of Tutankhamen.

Just on the other side of the Valley of the Kings across the river Nile is the ruins of the ancient city of Thebes and the ancient temple of Karnak. Due to this reason, this place is often referred to as the greatest open-air museum in the world.

Another Wonder of the Ancient World (but now completely in ruins) is the Lighthouse of Alexandria. You can at least pay a visit to the Eastern Harbor where some remnants of the lighthouse were discovered. The Library of Alexandria is also a place a visitor must stop by. In order to complete the tour, there are 3 things every tourist must do in Egypt –

  • Visit the beaches, both on the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea coast. They are one of the cleanliest and cheapest in the world.
  • Be a part of a Nile cruise. It operates mainly between Aswan and Luxor. The best time is between October and mid-April.
  • Go for a Desert Safari if you seek adventure. Ride a camel, have Bedouins as your guides, and camp out at night in the open desert.

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