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Road Trip Emergencies: What to do When These Things Happen…

Road Trip Emergencies

Road Trip Emergencies:

What to do When These Things Happen…

While the vast majority of road trip emergencies can be prevented by periodic inspections and maintenance, some can’t. There are certain hairy situations that we find ourselves in that are totally unexpected. No matter how much you prepare, there are just some things that you can’t predict. Below, we offer some advice on how to deal with a few specific road trip emergencies.


You Run Out Of Gas

While most people don’t have any trouble noticing that their vehicle is low on gas, others find themselves low on fuel or completely out of fuel while on long country roads without a gas station for miles. Others simply forget to check their fuel gauge. When this happens, contact your insurance company or Triple A. Both typically provide emergency fuel services as long as you’ve opted into those coverages and are paying the premiums. Be sure to pull over as far towards the shoulder of the road as you can before putting the car in park and calling for help.


Road Trip Emergencies
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Flat Tire

Back in the good old days, everyone knew how to change a flat tire. Today, the same can’t be said. Many people under the age of 40 have no clue as to how to remove a flat and apply a spare.

When you can hear or feel a tire going flat, reduce your speed and slowly guide the vehicle toward the side of the road. Once you are safely positioned away from traffic, you can change out the flat tire and install the spare found beneath your trunk. Or, you can call your insurer or Triple A.

If you have never changed a flat tire before and have a smartphone on hand, don’t hesitate to look up a YouTube video or instructions on how switch out a flat for a spare. It sure beats waiting an hour or more for a professional to show up and do it for you.


Your Vehicle Won’t Start

During the course of a road trip, you make several stops. If you find that your vehicle won’t start, your vehicle’s battery is likely dead. Ask anyone in sight who has an automobile if they can give you a jump. You’ll need jumper cables for the procedure and hopefully you’ll have them in your car or a fellow driver will have them.

Turn off the headlights, remove the key from the ignition, park both cars in neutral and connect the end of the red positive lead to the working battery’s terminal that is marked positive. Repeat the procedure for the other end onto the dead battery. Then connect the negative black lead to the working battery’s terminal that is marked negative. Attach the opposite end to something made of metal like a bracket. Then start the working car’s engine.

Wait a minute and attempt to start your vehicle. If it fails to start, leave it alone and call your insurer or Triple A for assistance. If the jump start does work, leave your engine running for a few minutes in order to charge the battery. If it still isn’t working then getting help from someone else may be the only route you can go. Consider contacting a Speedy Apollo Auto Service Centre to help you with your auto troubles.

Having the knowhow while on a road trip can be the difference between life and death. Make sure you are ready for anything that could happen while on the road as it can be a risky business.

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