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Some Slow Traveling Options for a Laid Back Tour

This blog is for them who enjoy traveling and do it in a leisurely manner. No matter how long your vacation lasts, it just seems to end abruptly leaving you asking for more. A few months down the line, you are bound to forget tiny bits about the tour. A few years make a considerable amount of it just fade away from your mind. It does not happen in case of a slow tour.

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We often cram several tour options within our short schedule. If you detest this idea like I do, select from three of the slow travel options mentioned below. I suggest you to slow yourself down and enjoy every bit of traveling.

Cycle Tour in Amsterdam: The vehicle-free, wide streets of Amsterdam will allure you to pedal around this part of the largest city in Netherlands. A relaxed cycling tour along the lanes can help you befriending local folks on cycle. You can stop at the roadside coffee shop for having a cup of aromatic brown coffee or at some of the museums to explore Netherlands history.

Wine Cruise on The Canal de Bourgogne: The 242km Canal de Bourgonge is cutting the wine producing Burgundy region of France into two equal parts. The tiny ripples on the canal and the tranquility of the entire atmosphere will beckon you to indulge in a laid back tour of the region. Some of the barges, well-stocked with wine lower their vessel here. You get the opportunity to taste some of the best French wines. You get to enjoy a cruise for cheese and wine tasting that last for upto seven days. The cruise option also includes a visit to some of the most popular local vine yards.

Dog Sled at British Columbia: Just imagine that a half-dozen Siberian dogs are pulling a sled on which you are enjoying a slow, bumpy ride on soft bed of snow. You must be feeling thrilled at this chilling idea. Now, it can be enjoyed in the British Columbia, Canada. You get to mush a team of dogs on your own which is a thrilling experience in itself.

If you have always been a globe-trotter, chances are high that you have always been on a “stride a back-pack and run” tour. This time, try something different, try something that consume more time and leave you content with a lovely vacationing experience.

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