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Three South African Cities worth a Visit In 2013

When people think about Africa, they think about safaris. They think about lions, crocodiles, and elephants – all of which South Africa does offer. But South Africa is more than that. Tourists are often surprised to find out that most South African cities are actually incredibly modern, offering the same sort of services, restaurants, entertainment and other structures that we enjoy in Western cultures. It’s a true blend of African culture, modern development, outdoor attractions and unique wildlife that you’ll not be able to find anywhere else on the planet.

South Africa is a fairly large country. So where should you go? There are top 3 cities worth visiting including Cape Town.

Cape Town

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This city has won a ton of prestigious travel awards from groups such as National Geographic Adventure, Travel & Leisure, and the BBC. We weren’t surprised when Cape Town was ranked one of the “Top 50 Places To See Before You Die” by the BBC. Cable car ride up to the top of Table Mountain is one of the best attractions of the place. This will give you a real bird’s eye view of the entire city. If you’re a bit more adventurous, perhaps a swim with the sharks will suit you well.

Not only are there a ton of great outdoor activities for visitors to partake in, but there are a number of indoor activities as well. Cape Town has a thriving nightlife which every visitor has to experience. Not only does this city have some of the most authentic African cuisines (such as Xhosa fare and Ethiopian cuisines) but it also has local food too. Tourism is a thriving business in South Africa and Travelex is well-spread across it, so make sure you replenish your spending money by reserving currency online. Having enough spending money is essential if you want to truly enjoy Long Street, the place you’ve got to be if you feel like hitting the dance floor and partying it up with tourists and locals .


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Being the most dense of the South African cities, some travelers may find Johannesburg to be a bit crowded. But the the wide arrey of activities that you can do here are incomparable to that anywhere else in South Africa. The Apartheid Museum is a chilling reminder of how South Africa once was not too long ago, while the FNB Stadium often has great sporting activities going on year round. If you were hoping to see some wildlife on your trip but aren’t exactly keen on a safari, then the Lions Park is a must-see.


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There are a number of activities to do in Pretoria including the Rovos Rail. This scenic train ride will take travelers from Pretoria to Cape Town and back. So if you’re planing to hit either city, this is definitely the way to travel. While you are in Pretoria, be sure to visit the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa or the Pretoria National Botanical Garden. If you are looking for a day trip into the wild, check out the Rietvlei Nature Reserve.

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