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A Spring Trip to Budapest

Budapest is held as a unique European city with its fusion of natural and man made relics, surrounded by beautiful churches, castles, parks, etc. built in the 13th century. It’s among the chosen few World Heritage Sites. Its mystery unfolds as we behold the its Gothic charm.

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During my high school days a very intriguing discussion over a controversial Hungarian movie (“Ein Lied von Liebe und Tod”) rose to an argument. There was a rage for its emotional story line and a rumor surrounding its title music track. It had this sweet mournful tune that sunk into the heart. What really allured me, was the rumor about this haunting tune. The mysterious music against the Gothic and morbid back drop of Budapest and the hailing power of the Nazis in the thirties was overpowering.
Budapest, the capital of Hungary is its largest city. In-fact, it is the largest city in the European Union. It was formed by the union and acquired its name from the two river banks of Danube- Buda and Obuda on its west bank and the east bank of Pest.

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Ever since, to me Budapest was symbolical as a bewitching city from past, reaching out its arms to the wanderlust and  its hushed cries from the historic times, seeking for eager ears. After a long wait, I am finally ready to pack my bag full of hopes and plans and start off for my quest for Budapest. Budapest is one of the most exquisite ancient cities of the world.

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Plus, as the enumerable Budapest lovers put it-“Spring is a wonderful time of year in Budapest and there is plenty to love about the city. The trees come back to life, the flowers are in bloom all over Budapest and as soon as the first warm, sunny days arrive, people flock to the streets and the entire city comes alive. Although the cold winter weather gives way to Spring-like temperatures and abundant sunshine by March, Spring truly begins in April, when the many parks, promenades and outdoor cafés fill with people looking to relieve their Spring fever.

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Spring is also a great time to score cheaper tickets to Budapest before the tourist rush of the summer. Technically, Spring is still considered shoulder-season and in addition to finding lower airfare and hotel prices you’ll also find fewer crowds, making it one of the best times to visit Budapest. On the cultural front there are plenty of spring events to enjoy in the city, ranging from film festivals and outdoor exhibitions to wine and pálinka festivals and cherry blossom celebrations.”

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