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Tips for Culinary Travel

We, the foodie, sworn to tell the truth, who affirms by the love of food, will tell you that we travel to eat and eat to travel. So we all devised the term “culinary travel” to justify our pangs of hunger but then we realized there is much to discover about food and the cuisine. So this is how we came to start our trips planned around the pursuit of the perfect taste, aroma and the experience.

Food and drink are not the incidental part of these tours but they definitely take up the major chunk. So what makes this exploration of our senses mesmerizing? Is it the delicate food or the people or the overall actuality of the balance which makes culinary travelling different altogether? For other such prospective tour and travel ideas, the Dream Travel is the perfect platform.

No restaurants, no expensive eateries, definitely no fast food

Culinary travel does not mean expensive hotels and restaurants. Specialty restaurants serving the cuisine would not be minded, but remember to hit the streets because that is where you get the taste of the real thing. The local markets would also give a fair idea about the cuisine and its origin. The gourmet is what will be your objective and be prepared for some mind boggling experience on the way. Visiting the artisanal farms can make you drool over the local fares.

Don’t limit yourself

Culinary travels do not mean limiting to food and drink. Investigate the cooking classes, the wineries and the breweries; know the specialties and you will be amazed at how much your senses can imbibe. Bar hopping in the city to try the cocktails? Make it a point to be eccentric and enjoy the essence of the spices.

Culinary experience is not limited to eating

Visit the wines and go bar hopping and you will be crazy to find out as how many variations of your favorite coffee are available. So don’t eat drink too, and find the country specials.

Culinary travel is the new fad, and you can enjoy one of your own. Grab a few of your friends and start with your own city, and you will see why we say that this is the best reason to travel…  From McDonalds to eating with the locals, the experience can get as exciting as you want.

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