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Top 5 Museums in Las Vegas

Whether you’re a frequent traveler to Las Vegas or you’ve never been, you can’t be blamed for assuming that the city lacks culture. The impressive yet gaudy Strip, endless strip malls and the nickname “Sin City” definitely don’t scream high-brow culture, but the truth is that a little digging will reveal a plethora of cultural attractions worth exploring.

The next time you’re in this city, consider visiting one of these top-rated Las Vegas museums:

1. The Neon Sign Museum
This is one of those places that really has to be seen to be believed. If you’ve ever wondered where the famous neon signs of Vegas yesteryears disappeared to, the chances are you’ll find them here. Iconic neon signs from the days of the Rat Pack have been laid to rest at The Neon Sign Museum, a virtual graveyard for retired neon signs. For a small fee, guests are invited to go on a guided tour of these signs, which offers a rare opportunity to discover the rich history behind them as well as plenty of fun photo opportunities.

Image Source: Shutterstock
Image Source: Shutterstock

2. The Mob Museum
Whether you’re just a regular history buff or you have a particular affinity for all things mobster, you’re going to love this state of the art mob themed museum. Millions of dollars have been poured into this multilevel museum which tells the story not only of Vegas’ various mafia ties but also mob history throughout the United States. Highly interactive and engaging, this is one of those museums you’re probably going to spend at least a couple of hours in, and as an added bonus its located adjacent to the ever popular Fremont Street.

3. Natural History Museum
This quaint local Las Vegas museum is especially great for the kids, as while not a specifically kids themed museum, the plethora of interactive elements it provides makes it a fantastic choice for a family day out. Highlights of this museum include its fascinating Ancient Egypt exhibition, life-size animal models and its unforgettable animantronic dinosaur. Escape from the Strip, and bring the family over to this low key yet thoroughly engaging museum.

Image Source: Shutterstock
Image Source: Shutterstock

4. Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition
While Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition isn’t a museum per say, it is as good as, and is one of the few culturally enlightening attractions to be had on the Strip itself. And this museum is anything but a tribute to the blockbuster movie, as it is an extremely well curated exhibition of artifacts from the sunken Titanic. Here you’ll see real artifacts salvaged from the bottom of the ocean, an incredible replica of the first class staircase and get to walk across a replica of a deck – and this is just to name a few.

5. National Atomic Testing Museum
Perfect for engineers, science fans or in fact anyone that takes an interest in atomic testing, this hidden Las Vegas gem will educate you on the history of nuclear testing on the Nevada Test Site. An affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, guests will learn about the creation of the nuclear bomb from start to finish, and the profound influence its creation has had on history and on the modern world we live in today. Intriguing and highly unusual, this museum certainly offers an educational break from your typical Vegas attraction.

Before you assume that Vegas is devoid of all culture and educational attractions why not check out the above attractions? These destinations certainly beat sitting in smoky casinos or staring at the walls of your hotel room! Choose to do so and you’ll be in for a big surprise, likely to leave this town with a totally new perspective on fabulous Las Vegas. Enjoy!

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