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Top 5 Wildlife Holidays in the UK

If you’re an animal lover and you’re looking for a holiday that incorporates your penchant for wildlife, you needn’t break the bank with an African safari! The British countryside is rife with our own indigenous creatures just waiting to be discovered. Here are the top 5 wildlife holidays available in the UK.

1) Dartmoor, Devon

Following a cold summer and a generally topsy-turvy seasonal climate over recent years, the British butterfly population has suffered. However, in Dartmoor conservation campaigns to support the butterfly population are well underway. If you want to ensure that you catch a glimpse of the butterflies in Dartmoor, the Buckfast Butterfly Sanctuary just outside the village of Buckfastleigh is a must!

2) St. David’s, Pembrokeshire

The water around Ramsey Island just off the coast of Pembrokeshire hosts a wide variety of birds and animals, including dolphins, whales and seals. Ramsey Islands itself is an RSPB nature reserve. Iit is home to a vast array of sea birds and also has the largest Grey seal breeding colony in southern Britain.

3) Wallasea Island, Essex

If you’re looking to experience some wildlife a little closer to London, the Essex Wildlife Trust have teamed up with local company (First Class Sailing) to offer a bird and wildlife watching trip to Wallasea Island to observe the wading bird population.

4) Somerford Keyne, Gloucestershire

They’re not usually associated with British wildlife, but thanks to a reintroduction program on the Lower Mill Estate, beavers are making a comeback. The Lower Mill Estate consists of 550 acres of unspoilt countryside, so you can expect to see a great deal of British wildlife including a huge variety of birds and foxes.

5) Aviemore, Cairngorms

If felines take your fancy, visit the town of Aviemore located in Cairngorms National Park to be in with a chance of observing wildcats in Britain. British wildcats are extremely elusive and Aviemore is one of the few destinations that you’re in with a chance of spotting one!

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This article is by Laura Streets on behalf of First Class Sailing.

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