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Top Bungee Jump bases in the World

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Some people are of the opinion that a free-fall from a high suspension bridge and rebounding back up just before crashing to the surface is not worth the thrill! One needs to be completely insane in order to overlook the risks involved. Well, if you like to label an adrenaline junkie with insanity, I have a huge problem with that. It is clear that you have a big misconception about this amazing adventure sport.

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One of the prime reasons for me to visit Nepal last month was the world’s 10th highest bungee jumping base over the Bhote Kosi River near Kathmandu. It was neither my first jump nor the highest I’ve ever jumped from, but the rush and excitement I felt was exactly the same I felt the first time. And this is what had made the trip a lot more memorable.

If you are interested in adventure sports, bungee jumping is something you should (at least) try once. To make it simpler for you to choose, here is the list of the best and safest bungee bases surrounded by beautiful landscapes:

#1. Nevis Bungy, Queensland: The highest bungee base in New Zealand, Nevis is the place where I made my first jump. Jumps here are made from a high-wire cable car located 134 meters (440 feet) above the Nevis river and attached between the valley walls. You can even extend the bungee jump package and include the swing jump in it – which in fact happens to be the biggest swing in the world.

#2. Verzasca Dam, Ticino Valley: Located in Switzerland, this is the largest off-ground bungee base in the world located at a height of 220 meters in air. From such a height, you get the most amazing view of the rivers, lakes, and the Alps Mountain. It has also become one of the most popular bungee bases ever since James Bond performed a jump from here in ‘Goldeneye’.

#3. Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge, Colorado: Located at an awe-inspiring height of 321 meters, it is the highest base you’ll ever come across. But make sure that you plan the trip ahead, as the bungee base in Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge is only open from May to October. And while you are up there, look around you as you walk the wooden plank before making the jump – you’ll be able to see a never-before-seen view of the Colorado canyons.

#4. Macau Tower, China: Well, this one doesn’t require you to jump from a bridge, but from the Macau Tower in China itself. While the tower stands at a height of 338 meters, the height of the bungee base is 233 meters (764 feet) from the surface. It has one of the safest landings – on a giant airbag. Moreover, you’ll also be given a certificate for your efforts.

In all these bases, the bungee cord, the harness and the equipments are thoroughly inspected after every jump. So, you do not have to worry about an accident! And above all, these bungee bases have crew members who’ll take your photos and videos during your leap of faith – a great way indeed to remember the moments throughout your life.

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