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A travel to Vizag makes your dream come true

Vizag or Visakhapatnan is undoubtedly the most favoured tourist destination of the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. This is the place where you can get to enjoy the hills and the sea together. When looking for a great holiday with all the treasures of nature, from cool beaches to pristine lakes, from majestic hill ranges to splendid caves and valley, Vizag has it all for you. A travel to Vizag will unfold the majestic culture and heritage of India. The most sought after tourist destination in Vizag is Araku Valley that offers the best part of nature. Venture into Kailasa Giri which will fascinate any traveler with its sprawling green meadows, nicely adorned vast parks and beautiful plants. A top attraction for the tourists is Borra caves; venture into this spectacular natural cave formation and get amazed by this wonderful natural wonder.

The city of Visakhapatnam portrays the diversity of religion and culture in a wonderful way. The city still bears the spectacular cultural constructions which were built during the reign of kings of bygone era. For the beach lovers Visakhapatnam offers some of the safest and the best beaches that you can get in the whole of South Coast Line. When looking for a beach where you can have a great time making fun in water, the R K Beach is the perfect choice for you. The VUDA Park is a wonderful place to take the delight of water and lovely green patches. The magnificent statues of freedom fighters placed on both sides of the beach road and other attractions are worth watching. At Vizag you can get the rare opportunity of visiting the first museum in Asia that has been built off a submarine. The city of Vizag is beautiful and offers an array of attractions for the tourists who can enjoy a trip at the Theme Parks or have an exciting Water Boat ride. The beach town of Bheemunipatnam has some of the most luxurious beach resorts making an ideal abode for a relaxing and peaceful vacation. The beach located near Rushikonda is the best in the entire Andhra Pradesh.

Vizag is the second largest city of Andhra Pradesh and famous for steel manufacturing and shipbuilding. The city is also making a place in the field of films, software and call-centre. For anybody touring to Vizag, The Indira Gandhi Zoological Park is a must visit point. Located at a drive of 30 minutes from the city this Zoo features some of the best varieties of animals and birds and an amazing variety of flora and fauna. The attractions of this zoon include Indian Tiger and Elephants, Crocodiles and a variety of coloured parrots.

Vizag is the place of temples and shrines; The Simhachalam Temple which was founded by King Krishnadevaraya houses Lord Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swami and really an exclusive one. The city also has a number of Buddhist Shrines. Vizag has a host of other interesting points like The Ross Hill, Light House, Dolphin Nose, Bheemunipatnam, Chodavaram, Paderu, Mudasarlova, Anantagiri, Dutch Cemetry at Appikonda and many more popular places.
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