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Travelling In London by the Famous “Black Cabs”

The black cabs of London remain to be the city’s integral part as their iconic red double-decker, the RouteMaster. Being a part of the cityscape, the black cab drivers undergo rigorous training and exams to earn the coveted badge. They are aware of all the streets in the city and they continue to be a quintessential the part of the cityscape.

When the yellow sign flashes, it denotes that the cab is available for hire. All that needed is to signal for one and the cab would come near you. All the fares are metered. The minimum charge is £2.20 which covers the first 336m during the weekdays. Subsequently a minimal charge of 20p would be charged for the following 168m. If it is during the weekends or the night, the charges may be extra. The traveler can pay up to 10 percent of the total fare. But most round up their taxi fares, the extra amount being the tip.

If enjoying the nightlife, don’t plan to take cabs as the drivers are choosy of their passengers. The best option would be to hail all the taxis available and act sober. Signal even if the yellow sign has been turned off.

The London Taxis can be easily recognized for their robust service. Presently plying in three different models, the London Taxis remain to be rounded and is now available with added features of safety and comfort.

If you desire to still ply the taxi during the night, you can avail the Computer Cabs. Transportation is never a problem in the city of London. The black cabs also offer airport pick and drop, tours around the city, long journeys and in special events.

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