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Tuscany Walk & Wine Taste Tour is for Chianti and Local Beauty

Is wine something that can make you stop by? Then you should not ignore a short walking and wine tasting tour in Italy. Tuscany is the best place in Italy to offer you a slice of Renaissance history, picturesque countryside landscape and last but not the least the best Chianti wine you have ever tasted in any part of the world.

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Be it the amazing mediaeval hilltop or the meandering avenues lined with beautiful cipress, you are surely going to be mesmerized by the pristine beauty of the place while tasting wine in many of the local vineyards. You get the amazing opportunity to taste the wines in some of the best local vineyards like, UNESCO heritage site Siena, San Gimignano, the market town of Greve in Chianti, etc. At the same time you get to explore the amazing architecture of Florence which is only a stone’s throw away from Tuscany.

You can travel alone, but it is suggested to tour the place with a small group of like minded people. That will help you make the most of the tour. You can opt for staying in a family run farmhouse. This will contribute directly to the earnings of the local folks. Olive oil and wine are produced locally. You get to explore myriads of different local recipes in the food joints and some fresh local olives to go well with your wine. That’s it. Now your friends and you should only wait for the evening that will consist of sipping the finest of wines along with your friends.

It is not always that you get a chance to enjoy a mind-blowing walking trip. For this, it is very important to be in the right place with the right group of people. If you are planning to enjoy a really satisfying weekend getaway without causing much harm to the nature, nothing can help you better than a walking tour. That has the least little detrimental effect on nature. The car honks or growling engines would not be their to damage the serenity of the place. On the other hand, you will be enjoying th entire tour without inhaling much of the polluted car fumes.

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