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Welcoming The New Year in Goa

New Year is one of the busiest and bustling times for Goa tourism as everybody wants to be a part of the crazy partying and entertainment on the lovely goa beaches. Goa is replete with party options, activities etc to make your New Year truly special and unique. What can be a better start to the New Year than partying all night on the wonderful sandy beaches, staying in fantastic hotels in Goa and watching the first sun of the year rise from the blue waters of the vast ocean. No wonder celebrating the New Year is so famous in Goa.

Book in Advance
If you book in advance you can avail of major discounts on the packages at various hotels in Goa. Booking in advance is the best and most economical option if you are planning to celebrate the New Year’s eve in this fabulous state. This is because of the mad rush of tourists from world over to the beaches of goa to be a part of the festive revelry. To avoid the rush and be assured of a place to stay one must definitely book in advance.

Special Packages
Since this is the most peak time, hotels, which are largely dependent on the tourists, also want to cash in on this opportunity. Hotels come up with exciting packages for couples, friends and families to attract tourists. These packages include cruises/dinners/extra nights/special discounts and entries to the hottest parties of the season. In fact the luxury hotels in goa organise their own parties on their private beach. A number of luxury hotels offer excellent packages for New Year’s eve ranging from one to three nights and they include all the travel essentials.

Parties all around
The parties in goa during New Year feature rock bands, entertainment groups, singers, troupe dancers, renowned DJs etc. Most of the luxury hotels host parties on big-scale to make their guests feel special and a chance to join in the festivities. Some of the parties even begin up to fifteen days before 31st of December and are attended by people from world over. On the eve of the New Year the entire skyline lights up with the bedazzling display of fireworks and numerous crackers. This spectacle is truly enticing and not to be missed. This is definitely an amazing start to the New Year.

Intimate New Year
If you wish for a private and more intimate New Year with your loved one, even that is possible. Most hotels in Goa arrange for quiet candle-lit dinners for couples or even exclusive dinners at exotic locations, complete with a personal butler. If you wish to woo your loved one or enjoy quality time with them, this is a good option.

No matter how you want to celebrate the New Year, Goa presents you with numerous options and choices. You can splurge at private five star parties and balls or be a part of the madness and revelry at the Goa beaches and watch the morning sun rise for free. So this New Year, Goa is the place to be.

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This guest post is submitted by Chandralekha. Chandralekha is a Travel enthusiast, currently working with, an online India Travel Guide helps you to plan your trip to India. This time she has written on Goa tourism. Hope this information will help you to plan your trip to Goa.

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