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Best sandwiches in Boston

Best sandwiches in Boston

Book a Secret Food Tour & Enjoy Boston’s Finest Sandwiches

Boston has in recent times transformed into an American Sandwiches and burger heaven. The metropolis boast of a wide plethora of sandwich varieties inspired by global cuisines. Here are the top six most sumptuous sandwich gems we’ve ever devoured in Boston. Try them and experience culinary heaven.
1. Corned Beef Sandwich from Michael’s Deli
Corned beef on a bun never tasted as amazing as it does with this particular sandwich. A lot of creativity and mastery go into creating a single corned beef sandwich in the world-renowned deli.
2. Pork Fennel and Pork Rabe Sandwich from Cutty’s

The pork sandwich is a must-have delight if you are ever in Boston. The award-winning pork sandwich is carefully slow-roasted until the pork Rabe and fennel coalesce into one.
3. Barbeque Pork Banh Mi from Pho Viet
Pho Viet is a popular food court with the campus population residing in Boston. The BBQ pork sandwich is sumptuous to the very last bite and remarkably cheap, as well.
4. Ham and Egg Sandwich sold at Charlie’s Sandwich Shoppe
Charlies’ is an icon gastronomic joint in Boston. For years, they’ve treated their loyal clients to some of the best ham and egg breakfast sandwiches ever.

5. Roasted Lamb Sandwich at Flour and Bakery + Café
The roasted lamb sandwich has a uniquely distinctive taste and aroma that has kept customers thronging this popular Boston eatery joint. The item has goat cheese infused with tomato chutney wrapped in white bread.
6. Italian Sausage Sandwich by Secret Food Tours
Book a private or a group guided food tour Boston with the award-winning niche travel company, Secret Food Tours. Apart from getting valuable food history lessons, the tourists also get treated to fine foods prepared by the master chefs at Secret Food Tours.

The Italian sandwich is prepared using a secret recipe and, it is a must-try delight while onboard the $65 tours.

Other notable food delights provided in the package deal include fresh lobster rolls, crustaceans roasted nuts, pizza, cannolis and a secret dish.
About Secret Food Tour Boston

Secret Food Tours organizes tours to food connoisseurs and lovers alike. The guides at Secret Food Tours take you on a wild food exploration adventure in the city. Thanks to the guides, the food travelers get to sample some rare sandwiches that would forever remain a mystery to many Boston outsiders.

The food tour Boston also provides an excellent platform for food lovers to mingle and exchange ideas, experiences, and even contacts.

The trips often last about three or four hours. The tourists have a designated central place where they congregate. We highly recommend the tourists to put on light-weight shoes as there’s trekking involved. The tour customers ought to communicate any special dietary requests with the admin’s beforehand. For their outstanding performances, Secret Food Tours walked away with this year’s certificate of excellence award by the revered Trip Advisor.

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Secret Food Tours organizes tours to food connoisseurs and lovers alike. The guides at Secret Food Tours take you on a wild food exploration adventure in the city.

Here’s a link to the Secret Food Tours official booking website.

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