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Explorers Guide to Budget-Friendly Hostels in Amsterdam

Explorers Guide to Budget-Friendly Hostels in Amsterdam

With wonderful structures, eclectic cafes, extended canal frameworks, great museum halls, and the Red Light District, it’s no surprise at all that Amsterdam, the “Venice of the North” is on top of every individuals’ bucket list. A visit to certain hotels in Amsterdam can be expensive except if you prepare ahead of time.

With the help of this article, you will have all of the tricks and tips to make your venture in Amsterdam budget-friendly and more affordable trip.


Another great spot for backpackers in Amsterdam is the CitizenM. Through humble beginnings, CitizenM first began as an Airport hotel, progressing into the present hotel. CitizenM is known among the vacationers in the city due to its excellent service and neat and clean rooms. CitizenM is even near the center where the tram is waiting to take you on your next travel experiences.

Stayokay Hostel Amsterdam Zeeburg

This new hotel opened in 2007. It offers fantastic and large rooms with appealing designs and beautiful color tones. It even has an extensive dining zone, superb showers and toilets. You don’t need to worry about anything since every one of the staff is well-trained and experts who will take care of you, day and night. It’s located on the east side of the city. The building additionally shares space with Studio, restaurant, bar, club, cinema, and a bicycle rental shop, with the goal that you can explore the spot in a short span of time.

Stayokay Hostel in Amsterdam Vondelpark

Regardless of whether you’ve visited Amsterdam before or it’s your first time to the place, chances are, you will discover your way to a hippy hangout spot called Vondelpark. Enjoy this region for picnicking, drinking, relaxing, skating or cycling. Regardless of the high numbers coming to the Hostel, they are continually maintaining up the tidiness of the place, making it the most benevolent alternative for travelers. Besides the tidiness, the service that visitors get from the staff is just great. Expect nothing less when you check-in at Stayokay Hostel.

Flying Pig Uptown Hostel in Amsterdam

It is situated close to the museum hall area and the Vondelpark, the Flying Pig Uptown was being modernized in 2010. In Uptown you will encounter the party-driven environment with some detoxing properties of the Vondelpark just nearby. You can even borrow an inline skate to discover the spot effectively. Always be cautioned that the hostel is firm on its under-35s policy.

St Christopher’s at the Winston

Like its neighboring club, the Winston hotel is incredible because of its character. The edge of the red light area of town has shops nearby, S&M clubs, restaurants, and bars. The Dam Square and cultural outings are only a couple of walks away. You can even check in on some reasonable hotels close to the spot. It’s ideal to get a private room for an incredible and amazing stay in Amsterdam, St. Christopher’s does only that: a novel and very close look at the life of individuals in Amsterdam.

Backstage Hotel

As the name defines itself, the owners of the Backstage Hotels are a music lover and the inner structures and designs and themes are guitars and memorabilia that decorate the walls sponsored by Jack Daniel’s. The location is very friendly if you are adoring music since its only minutes from the hotel. Make sure to look at Paradiso and Melkweg. Every one of the pieces of furniture is inspired by a flight case to recreate an authentic room vibe. There is even a Guitar Hero room that you can use to enjoy the spot.

Hans Brinker Budget Hotel

Despite the fact that this spot looks genuinely simple, this budget-friendly hotel is about price and area. It has a calm courtyard on your doorstep. If you are that explorer who needs to set aside more cash, Brinker is the spot to go in light of the fact that it’s truly reasonable and affordable. The sleeping rooms are well-organized with storage spaces and metal bunks and are firmly shaped, however, the place is as yet clean. It’s the ideal spot for certain travelers who like to nod off in one of the surrounding bars. Just consistently make sure to drink mindfully.

In a Nutshell

Amsterdam is for sure a great destination for those travelers who wish to begin their journey throughout Europe. Being open and warm to its guests, Amsterdam offers exceptional spots for all of them to visit. With regard to convenience, there’s no shortage of spots that can fulfill your desires.

Places, for example, the Flying pig and Hans Brinker budget hotel; all give moderate spots to stay without being excessively far from the downtown area. Other perfect lodgings in the city incorporate Stayokay hotels, Backstage hotels, and St. Christopher’s at the Winston.

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