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A Guide to Prepare Yourself before Going on White Water Rafting Trips

White water rafting is the most adventurous and exciting outdoor activity. You can enjoy the weekend excursion with friends. Participating in this escapade will enhance your adventurous experience and you will have stories to share with your friends and family.

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Consider some points about white water rafting before preparing for the trip:

Count on getting wet:

Most people perceive that river rafting rides are just about soaring peacefully down the river. In reality, it is much more thrilling than that, and there always is a chance of you getting thrown off the raft. That is why you will need to equip yourself with the right rafting gear, in order to enjoy the adrenalin rush to the maximum. More importantly, you better know how to swim first.
Usually, the raft guides are meticulously drafted and will help you to enjoy every moment that you spend in water. Getting wet during rafting is longed-for in summer. It is a thrilling experience in winter, as chilled water will make you feel refreshed. Bear in mind, that while water rafting getting wet is obvious.

Expect to feel cold:

You can expect to feel cold water in early spring it is chilled during chilled summer. This aspect about water rafting is not much apparent to many people. Very often the water that is flashed out comes from the deep underwater reservoir or from late season melting of snow. In addition, the cool winds that flow over the mountains through the canyons are indeed very cold.

In summer bathing suits are fine, but to combat the chills around spring you are recommended to wear wet-suits. Usually, if you are unprepared you can rent it from the raft agency. You also need to carry other necessary clothes to fight cold that include polypropylene long underwear, wool socks, and wind breakers. Besides paddling clothes, you must always wear protective footwear that securely fits your foot and has a closed toe.

Limited space:

Generally, rafts have limited space and are good enough to accommodate the rafters. If you are going on a full or half day trip, the rafts only carry first aid-kit and a cooler for your lunch. The floor of the raft cannot hold more things for long, because you will be traveling through waves and there are chances that you get tossed around or over the raft.

Anything that is brought on the raft is sure to get wet and damaged easily. It is wise to carry small things in your paddling jacket, life jacket, or windbreaker. You can also wear a belt that has a pouch.

Prior Training:

You need to be trained with the basic lessons, prior to experiencing rafting tour. It will increase your confidence and will enjoy paddling through the curves down the speedy flow of water. During the training sessions, you will have to watch a video first.

Later at the river you will be shown how to transfer the raft to land and identify the signals used by the guide on water. In the water you will learn the basic paddle strokes under the direction of the raft guide.

Here is a check-list that will help you:

  1. Bathing suit (summer)
  2. Paddle jacket, paddling pants, or wet suits in cold weather
  3. Warm clothes like wool sweater, polypropylene long underwear, wool socks, neoprene gloves, and booties
  4. Lip balm and sun screen lotion
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Neoprene boots, river shoes or old sneakers
  7. Water-proof camera
  8. Water and chocolate
  9. Towels
  10. Plastic bags to put the wet clothes
  11. Change of clothes, while driving back
  12. Driver’s license for renting wet-suits

You can visit the white water rafting company’s website and check out the things you will need in the relevant weather conditions. If you plan for an overnight rafting tour then you will have to consider campaigning.

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