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Rent-a-car instead of public transport in a foreign country!

5 Reasons why you should rent-a-car instead of depending on public transport in a foreign country

Are you thinking of traveling to a foreign country? Well, you are not alone. In the past few years, the global tourism industry has been witnessing immense growth. The sector has contributed a staggering amount of 8.27 trillion USD to the global economy. While many tend to link the hotel and accommodation industry to the tourism sector, there is one sector that benefits from tourism as well. And that is rental cars.

This segment too is doing reasonably well. In 2018, it managed to raise a revenue of up to 23.5 million USD.  A lot of people rent cars. Some of them are those who have previously sold their vehicles to scrap car buyers and hence are left without a ride. Others are those who rarely use the automobile and thus don’t see the charm of purchasing one.  The third category is travelers who rent cars rather than using the public transport systems.

If you are a traveler and planning on using the public transport system instead, we will advise you not to. There are various reasons why you should use a rent-a-car service rather than opting for the public transport system in a foreign country. Here are some of the biggest reasons.

  1. It is highly convenient and comparatively faster than public transport


Think about all the things you could have been doing but can’t only because you are waiting in a queue to get your bus ticket or waiting for the train to arrive. Public transport, in most cases, is quite inflexible and time-consuming. When you are in a foreign country, the chances are you want to experience it all. After all, there are so many sights to see and places to visit. While relying on public transport means you must significantly cut down on your activities or plan them according to the bus schedule, when you rent-a-car, you get to decide your itinerary truly.

You can choose to make immediate plans or go out in odd hours of the day without worrying about whether you will get a train to your desired location or not. This flexibility and autonomy are bound to be very convenient for those who hate planning ahead.

  1. It is difficult to get lost

Even though you might feel that you won’t get lost if you use public transport, in most cases, the opposite is true. Whether it be missing your stop or boarding the wrong bus altogether, sometimes you end up at a place you were not supposed to be. If you are in a country that speaks a different language, you are in for a treat! Good luck with finding your way back to your hotel.

On the other hand, most rental cars are accompanied by a GPS device. This makes navigation comparatively easier. Even if you get lost, you can always find your way back to your hotel with the help of the GPS navigation.

  1. You get to explore


Most public transport will only take you to the famous places. If you have ever been on a tourist bus, you would agree that the type of sights you see on such buses are quite mainstream. If you are interested in discovering unique places and views that are generally unheard of or not appreciated that much, you can’t rely on public transport systems to get there.

For instance, you might be tempted to visit certain villages in a remote area to learn about the culture of a given place. Going to such locations on public transport is almost always impossible. However, if you rent a car, you get go virtually anywhere, as long as you have a sound GPS. Therefore, you truly get to explore the foreign land.

  1. It is more economical when you are traveling in a group

As a solo tourist, public transport surely is the less costly option. However, if you are visiting with your friends and family, the cost increases considerably since it is a per head cost. This is why you should instead choose a rental car, whereby the cost of traveling is divided among all.

Additionally, if you are traveling with infants, public transport can be the most stressful experience ever. Whether it be complaining passengers or a restless baby, the last thing you need in your vacation is being and making others uncomfortable. A rental car allows you to avoid it all.

  1. It is more comfortable and enjoyable


Sometimes traveling isn’t just about the destination. It is equally about the journey as well. You should aim to make this journey as memorable as possible. Traveling on public transport isn’t comfortable nor enjoyable. You don’t get to blast music that you like. You are very conscious about how you sit and sleep.

However, in case of a rental car, you get to do whatever you want. You can laugh as freely, control the music or sleep your way through it all. When traveling with family, rental cars make the journey as fun and exciting as the destination. It turns into a road trip in a foreign land.


If you considering visiting a foreign country, save yourself the trouble of using public transport. Instead, avail the services of any quality rent-a-car service. Make sure you have an international driving permit before you do so. Or else, you will have to get a driver as well.

Moreover, pick your rental car service carefully. Look at reviews online and compare the services offered by different companies. Understand the different types of coverage the rental car services deliver and choose the best option. Also, be aware of the various expenses associated with rental cars. For instance, you will be paying for fuels. Therefore, do your research and know how much you should expect your fuel expense to be.

Once you are equipped with the right transport, you will get to explore the place truly. Go ahead and have the perfect vacation. See attractions. Visit the sites you want to. Unwind. Take it all in.

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