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Top 10 Questions To Ask About Vacation Rentals In Florida


When it comes to making comparisons between vacation rental properties and hotels, it’s a losing battle for hotels. For quite some time now, vacation rentals have been preferred to hotels due to a number of reasons. Vacation rentals provide a much cozier environment fully equipped with essential amenities that help travelers save a lot of money. In short, vacation rentals provide travelers with that home away from home feeling which most hotels fail to deliver. This, however, is not always a walk in the park. If due diligence is not taken, a traveler risks falling victim to the ever present scams. As part of observing due diligence, there are a number of questions that a traveler needs to ask before renting a vacation rental in Florida.

Are all costs included in the agreement?

Try to find out from the owner if the reflected cost in the agreement is the sum total. This will help the traveler to know whether there are any other undisclosed costs. The extra charges may include property fees, any form of tax charges among others.

What would happen on cancellation?

Unfortunate events may occur and cause an individual to ultimately cancel his/her reservation. As the traveler, always try to be curious about the repercussions of such occurrences. If there are costs to be incurred on cancellation, it’s best to purchase a trip insurance cover to cater for the loss.

What is the package that comes with rental property?

Try to establish any other amenities that come with the vacation rental property and what does not. This way, you will be able to determine any other additional costs you’re likely to incur. Most of the vacation rental properties usually include a list of items that come with the rental property in their agreement.

Is the rental property cleaned professionally between tenants?

Find out whether it is true or false. It helps you to know the condition of the room as you come on board and also helps you to know the condition to leave the room as you depart. Some rental properties will require you to at least wash the dishes before you leave.

Will your security deposit be refunded? If so when?

Security deposit is one of the features that distinguish vacation rentals from hotels. Oftentimes this is usually included in the rental agreement. Find out whether it is refundable, and when you can expect it to be refunded.

Where can your property references be found?

This will help the renter to gather more information about that particular property. A website for example contains reviews from other renters hence can be a good reference material for the renter.

Is the neighborhood residential?

Knowing your neighbors will help a lot in facilitating your stay. If the neighborhood is mostly rental, you’ll have the liberty of enjoying a touristy kind of neighborhood. In the case of a residential neighborhood, you’ll get to live in a friendlier environment.

How is the communication connectivity?

Communication is very vital to travelers. As a traveler it is essential that you establish whether the area is connected. This will help in case of any emergencies.     

What is the procedure to follow when something goes wrong?

Most people usually overlook this question and yet it is very vital. People always assume that things will always turnout as planned hence disregard this part. As a precaution always make an effort of inquiring for this.

Can the rental property cater for your special needs?

If you have any special needs, do not hesitate to ask if the vacation rental can accommodate them.

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