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Top 20 Things To Do In Rajasthan

Top 20 Things To Do In Rajasthan

Rajasthan is one of the best travel destinations in India, the perfect blend of different travel experiences. Filled with the grandeur of some of the most stunning forts and palaces, there’s a lot to explore in Rajasthan, with so many villages to truly feel the culture, a desert safari to experience the sandy terrains and a lot more. If by any chance you are travelling too Rajasthan soon or would love to, keep this list close to you. It could be the difference maker in giving your little one the perfect adventure in his vacations!

1.A Visit To Bhangarh – The Ghost Town:

Called the “Most haunted place in India” by most, Bhangarh is an ancient city located in the district of Alwar in Rajasthan. Only the ruins of this deserted city remain, which are believed by the people to be haunted. It is believed that going there after dark is a one-way ticket as those who visit the ruins of the palace after dark doesn’t ever return. And so, to add to the mystery, the entry is prohibited from dusk to dawn, and even the ASI does not have an office here, despite the ancient city status. The nearest office is some distance away from the town. Explore the city during the day while learning about the myths from the locals. It is quite silent and a peaceful spot and is certainly not worth missing. Don’t forget to get to know all the myths related to the place by the locals and you can stay in the hotel nearby, about a Km or two from the fort.


2.Shop at the Sadar Baazar in Jodhpur:

This is one for the shopaholics! On your Trip, when you make your way to Jodhpur, do check out the Sadar Bazaar there. A Flea market in the city, it is a place where you can shop for about everything. There are jewellery shops or in case if you want something made of leather, it all there for you! Veggies, spices, sweets, handicrafts and textiles, this place has it all. The prices are low and it is a fantastic spot to understand the culture of the place. It is near a popular landmark called the Clocktower.

3.Elephant Ride – Ride like a King at Amer Fort:

Easily one of the most popular attractions in Jaipur, the interesting elephant ride up to the Amer Fort is a must for all those who visit. The fort, built by Mana Singh I, is an impressive symbol of the architecture of the old India. The design is a mixture of Rajput and Hindu styles, and just like the other forts in Rajasthan, you can feel the special ornate aura. It is a beautiful sight to see the city from the way to the fort as you ride the elephant, truly a kingly experience. These elephants are decorated in the traditional paint patterns and give a ride to the gates of the fort. The ride costs about 1000/- for two and takes about half an hour. Although to make sure you get a chance you need to arrive early to beat the tourist rush as it is a highly demanded experience by most of the tourists.

4.Ride a Hot Air Balloon over the Beautiful Jaipur:

The main attraction as you enter the city, it is a much different experience then what you can imagine it to be from an aeroplane. A popular experience all over the world, Jaipur has truly embraced it. Flights can also be arranged from Pushkar and Ranthambore. Seeing all the palaces from the air is even better than seeing them from the ground. It helps you understand how and why they were built as they are. It is an ecstatic flying adventure, one that you cannot afford to miss. The perfect time to do the trip is the sunrise, to get great photos of the stupendous views available. The Company that carries out the rides is very professional and even offers a GoPro on the Balloon. The drivers are well-trained Professionals and every bit is assured to make the ride safe.

4.Shop at the Johri Bazaar in Jaipur:

While the capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur is quite famous for its plethora of palaces, the pink city also houses the special Johri Market. The oldest market of the city, most of the shops here are painted pink. It is filled with flocks of women, as the market is famous for authentic exquisite jewellery of Gold, silver, diamonds and the beautiful emeralds. With amazing Sarees, Lehengas and footwear also on offer, it is a woman’s paradise. It is a must visit for women as the cost is also moderate, unlike the high quality.


5.Visit the City Palace in Jaipur:

The pink city is the house of the City Palace Complex, which comprises of several buildings dating back to the royal times. Chandra Mahal, Mubarak Mahal, and many others, all are a part of this complex. The place, an architectural marvel with exquisite craftsmanship, is from the time of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh. It really makes one want to start their Adventure of Rajasthan right from the capital, and there are lots of travel plans available, which along with Cleartip offers, can give you a steal of a deal. Several Artifacts in the complex belonging to the royal times, tell the tales of their time.

6. A trip to the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary:

Love Animals? Or on a vacation with your family? Then this is the perfect stop to add to the list. The Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, also called the Keoladeo national park, is a world heritage site and is one of the richest bird areas and even nests water birds. If you’re a bird lover, then this is the place to be as it houses more than 200 species of birds. Close to the city of Jaipur, it is an excellent break if you’ve seen one too many palaces. Although the best time to visit is winters, when the migratory birds flock to the sanctuary, it is nonetheless an excellent experience throughout the year. The park is open from the dusk till dawn throughout the year and attracts a large number of tourists.

7. Get Enchanted by the Gadsisar Sagar Lake:

If you too believe that only Udaipur houses the beautiful lakes, then you’re in for a surprise. The Gadsisar Sagar lake is a man-made lake in Jaisalmer and is surrounded by exquisite Temples, shrines and Ghats. And is hardly second to anyone when it comes to beauty. The lake once served as the major water reservoir to the people of the city. There are beautiful temples and shrines built close to the city that demand a visit too. The lake also acts as a bird watching site during the winter since it is located close to the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary.


The locals would tell you about the interesting story of the King and the prostitute, which is deeply associated with the lake. The lake is located close to the Tilon Ki Gate and the Jaisalmer Fort and is just a couple of Kilometres away from the Jaisalmer Railway station. The Entry is free and boat rides are also available with prices ranging from Rs.10 to 100 for a duration of half hour.

8.Explore the Thar Heritage Museum:

Nowadays, the Thar Heritage museum may not be one of those museums with tons of Artifacts for one to explore freely. The museum is owned by an individual who is passionately interested in preserving the culture and the history of Rajasthan. The owner of the museum gives the visitor to the museum a tour of the premises and is well informed about a lot of Artifacts that are placed here. And to make your time there even better, you can wait around until the evening to watch a quirky and cute puppet show.


  1. A Trip to the Desert National Park:

Life somehow finds the way in the toughest of conditions, and the Desert National park with its arid conditions is the perfect example. Located just on the outskirts of the city of Jaisalmer, it is one of the largest national parks. Most of the national park is dominated by sand dunes. The National park is frequented by the rare Great Indian Bustard, and many more. There are fossils of many other plants and animals in this National park. And surprisingly fossils of million-year-old dinosaurs were also discovered in the national park. It is one of the largest national parks and despite the weak ecosystem, there is also an abundance of the bird population in the park. There is also a Jeep Safari service available that lets you travel the park in a considerably less time. The lands may seem barren but are full of wildlife and would not disappoint you at all. The entry fee for the park is Rs. 100 and the best months to visit are from October to March, although the park is open throughout the year.


  1. Feel the essence of the Desert with the Camel Safari:

If you missed out on the Desert experience in Rajasthan, then is your trip even complete? The best regions to experience the desert are Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Osian. The ever-important desert experience is only complete when coupled with a Camel Safari. The ride takes you to some of the remote parts of Rajasthan and explores the special ruins of these places. The Camel can get you to places where the roads can’t. There are special stories associated with these ruins of former forts and palaces of Rajasthan, hidden behind all the sand, captivating stories, begging to be told.


  1. A Breath-taking visit to the Kumbhalgarh Fort:

When your adventure finally leads your steps to Udaipur, start off with a visit to the Kumbhalgarh fort. Udaipur, the city of palaces, offers a visit to the royal times and you can get great Cleartrip offers to make your stay even better. The second most important fort to the Mewar, few would argue that it is one of the most magnificent forts of all in Rajasthan, with several structures to explore. And there is also a sound and light show in the evening to top off the visit to this special fort. It is a world heritage site on the Western range of the Aravalli Hills.


  1. A Rajputana experience at the Bagore Ki Haveli:

Situated near the Lake Pichola, at the heart of Udaipur is the Baghor Ki Haveli, a masterpiece from the 18th century. Accessible from the Ganghori Ghat of the lake, it is a place all the cultural explorers and history buffs can’t miss. The palace of mirrors as it is called, it is the hub for a true Rajputana experience. The place Is designed magnificently and depicts the majestic arts of that time. The haveli has been converted into a museum and displays several Rajputana Artifacts. The Queen’s chamber is a must visit part of the museum and the musical and dance folk shows can’t be missed!

  1. Experience the Ornamental Garden at the Saheliyon Ki Badi:

On to the next stop in Udaipur, the Saheliyon Ki Badi, a small ornamental garden on the shores of the Fateh Sagar Lake, is a manmade delight. According to the stories of the locals, the King gifted this garden to the queen, who used to come to the garden for a walk with her 48 maids, who all accompanied her in the marriage and hence the name of the garden. The garden is filled with several fountains accompanied by beautiful idols and statues, while the fountains are run conservatively. The park also features a Lotus pool and marble elephants and a small museum. Start your day with a stroll in the beautiful like and live like royalty!


  1. Visit the Monsoon Palace in the city of palaces:

Located in Udaipur, this palace is perched at the top of a hill. And gives great views of the beautiful palaces and lakes that Udaipur is famous for. The Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary encircles the palace and the palace was also famously used in Octopussy, the James Bond movie. The palace, which gets its name from the fact that it was built to track monsoon clouds, dates back to the end of the 19th century. The palace was planned to be an astronomical observatory but the death of Maharaja Sajjan didn’t let that happen. His successor built the Fateh Sagar lake, which is a direct view from the palace. The white palace is illuminated in the evening, and its sheer brilliance makes for a sight you cannot miss. The palace can also be considered as a trekking site, to get your adventure in the surrounding sanctuary and enjoy the immense beauty of the Aravalli hills and the wildlife that consists of Tigers, hyenas, wild boars, panthers and many others.

  1. Experience the beauty of the Fateh Sagar Lake:

This absolute beauty is considered as the pride of Udaipur. Located a bit further from the Pichola Lake, the calm water and the background hills make this absolutely beautiful place a major tourist attraction. Named after the famous ruler, Maharana Fateh Singh, Boating on the blue waters of this beautiful lake is an experience to remember. There is a lovely garden amidst the lake, called the Nehru Park, which houses a boat-shaped restraint. You can get fantastic deals to make your stay cheaper with Cleartrip offers in the Udaipur city, Northwest of which lies this beautiful lake.


  1. A visit to the marvellous Chittorgarh fort:

The Chittorgarh fort, one of the most famous forts in Rajasthan, is located close to Udaipur. The fort is special for its luxurious setting and its magnificent architecture. There are more than one palaces and huge buildings within the fort that are a showpiece of the old times. The fort is most beautiful at night when it is lit and looks much more stunning, and hence a night visit is more preferred. A UNESCO world heritage site, this fort is where the film Padmavati was set. The fort also hosts the biggest Festivals of the Rajput’s, called the Jauhar Mela. It is an annual event that takes place on the anniversary of the Jauhar and is to celebrate the bravery of the Rajput and the three Jauhars that happened in the fort.


  1. Experience the culture of Rajasthan at the Chokhi Dhani Resort:

A trip to Rajasthan is only complete once you have experienced the colourful traditions and customs of this magical state. You can get a lot of the cultural experience at the Chokhi Dhani resort. It is close to Sanganer, and you are able to enjoy the traditional folk dances of Rajasthan, a bonfire dinner and so much more at this ethnic resort. The walls are decorated with paintings and Artifacts based on the culture of Rajasthan and make you truly feel the rich culture of this marvellous place. They feature the best cooks from the palaces and the best artisans you can see all over Rajasthan.


  1. Camp like Royalty at the Chhatra Sagar Nimaj:

In this state full of history of kings and palaces, there exists a royal version of almost everything for you to experience. And now there’s royal camping too if you are excited by camping. The Chhatra Sagar Nimaj is a camp, located near the Chhatra Sagar Nimaj dam in the district of Pali-Marwar. The camping tents are along the beautiful lake and face the lake to make your first sight in the morning as beautiful as it can be. The camp provides an experience of the blend of a rustic and royal time and is a must try for couples and families alike. The camp is closed during summer and Monsoon, and you can enjoy it during the months of October to March. With handstitched tents at the top of the reservoir, they are a memoir of the bygone Indian era. The camp service is well informed with generations of local knowledge while the tent has been run by the same family who has lived here for centuries. The tents have always been integral to the Rajput lifestyle and are a must to truly experience it. The experience is truly a magnificent one as the whole experience from the start of the day is along the beautiful lake which also keeps the surrounding cool.


  1. Beat the heat with a trip to the Mount Abu:

A popular hill station of India, The Mount Abu was visited by the royals and the British for leisure. You can take a trip to explore the exquisite architecture of that time or just spend the summers in the cool surroundings to beat the heat. The architecture comprises of bungalows based on the colonial style and homestays made for the royalty as well. And to make it even more fun, you can go bird watching or be on the lookout for a leopard or some langur in the small sanctuary. The hill station is a surprising one in the desert state of Rajasthan and is surrounded by lush green forest on the hills of the Aravalli Range. Some even call it the summer capital of the state. There are a number of Jain temples and many other beautiful temples in the Achalgarh fort situated nearby, ready to be explored. You can get great deals on hotels with Cleartrip offers, with up to Rs. 3000 off on bookings. The Nakki lake here is a popular tourist spot and offers boating, while the highest point is the Guru Shikhar, situated at an elevation of 1,722 meters.

mt abu

Those were the top 20 things to do the next time you find yourself in Rajasthan preparing for your adventure. It is advisable to give every major city a few days before moving on to the next to truly experience the rich culture and heritage of the place. You can get great hotels at low prices easily with the Cleartrip offers to make it easier to find convenient stay in the cities. Keep this list around for your next trip to get the best out of it.




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