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Top 5 Tips for Finding Budget Hotels in Jersey

Almost everybody loves to go for holidays but often get confused during the travel planning. Traveling is an expensive affair and the cost of accommodating in hotels contributes a lot to that expense. As a result choosing the best accommodation fitting your budget is really a challenging task. However if you make use of the right tips, you will be able to get the best deal.Everyone wants to get the accommodation to the cheap hotel rooms irrespective of whether one looks for the cheapest of the luxury or the cheapest of the cheap hotels.

What you will find online according to your preference and how will you put it together determines the price you pay for your accommodation. Select what exactly you want. This includes the location of your travel, the star rating of the hotel as well as the amenities you will get. Consider the fact whether you consider your hotel as just a place to stay for the night, or you want it to play a bigger role in your whole traveling experience? If you do not weigh up these factors either before booking your hotel or shortly thereafter, you will end up spending more than what you have planned for your trip.


Tourist accommodations on the island of Jersey range from simple B&BS to luxurious five-star hotels. If you want to get a great beach location, plan your visit to Grouville, St Helierand St Aubin. Other popular tourist destinations include St Clement, St Brelade, St Martin, St Mary, St Lawrence,St Ouen, St Saviour and St Peter where several inland accommodations are set in the midst of the rolling countryside. Moreover you will find a superb range of self-catering lodging and guest houses. Jersey has a lot to offer to both families as well as couples and the island offers a great choice of lodgings. In order to ensure that you get the best deal, try to compare the hotel prices in Jersey and save money by making advance booking.

Read on to know the right tips for finding budget hotels in Jersey:

Compare the Shopping and Purchase Packages
The Internet is always the best source to get a cheap accommodation. Every website provides a different saving. Therefore browse through at least 3 hotel websites in order to get an idea of the on-going rates at Jersey hotels. Remember that the travel websites usually offer lower rates compared to the own websites of the hotels. However exceptions are always there. Some Jersey hotels provide promotional offers on their websites that are difficult to beat. Moreover you will be able to save your money by buying a package deal of accommodation, airfare and rental car through these websites. These deals offer a discount as you get them together. Do not forget that some package deals help you to save your money whereas others turn out to be quite expensive than purchasing every item separately. If you want to get the cheapest rate of accommodation, do make a research on other packages. In addition you should not ignore the option of availing your accommodation, car and flight separately.

Opt for Anonymous Hotels
Opt for anonymous hotel selection to get great savings on quality hotels. Nevertheless you should know how to use it in the proper way. Select the hotel star rating you like to get and choose an area. If you are not familiar with the area you will visit, carry out extensive research on the safe and tourist friendly areas before you make a selection. Try placing a bid at approximately 40% lower than the present advertised rate. Priceline will inform you whether you have made a successful attempt or not. Ensure the fact that you have enough time before traveling as often you are able to make only one bid in every 24 hours. Hotwire works in a slightly different way. It provides you the star rating of the hotel as well as the area where it is located without disclosing the hotel name. You will be able to know the customer reviews and the hotel amenities from Hotwire. In most cases the percentage of customer review coincides with the rate of customer satisfaction for hotels but it is not always true. You should be careful once you make the reservation through online sites as sometimes it is absolutely impossible to cancel the reservation.

Book Accommodation Early
Always try to book your hotel rooms much in advance of your travel. As soon as you carry out your research on the availability of the cheapest hotel rooms, try booking the room as soon as possible. This will help you get the room as per your preference. Waiting for too long might end up getting an accommodation which is not in your preferred location and that is often more expensive than what you would have normally paid.

Look into the Cash Back and Promotional Codes
Before you make the reservation for your accommodation, look into some cash back sites like The cashback websites offer you up to 5% cash back for a purchase made through their sites. Furthermore check websites and in order to see whether any promo code is available for reducing your cost of traveling.

Get Points through Credit Card Purchases
Many credit cards are also available for helping you get points for your purchases. Redeem the points for getting a free night stay at Jersey hotels. Some cards offer extra points in order that you stay with their hotel brands and get exclusive promotions and deals. A few cards also provide you extra cash back for many travel websites.

Check out these top 5 tips and get one of your desired budget hotels in Jersey.

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