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Travels Tip for First Timers Visiting India

Travels Tip for First Timers Visiting India

Ever wondered why India has been in limelight for decades from travelling point of view?

India is a place that can cool down the temperature of your soul, unequivocally. Culture with deep pockets, sensational sceneries and mouth-watering cuisines; India is all these things, and a lot more. If India is in your bucket list and you have already decided to visit this incredible country, then this blog is for you.

There are a bunch of things you must give a once-over with a fine tooth comb. Here are some tips you shouldn’t miss out on whilst backpacking India.

The Basics

Your backpacking starts here, the entrance requirements. You will be needing three things if you are up for India. These include a valid passport, visa and a return ticket.Be that as it may, check out for any additional requirements from the embassy in your country. Talk to your doctor and tell him about the span of your stay and ask for medications, if necessary.

Packing You Bag

Well, packing your rucksack for visiting India is very crucial. Just consider applying the Spanish proverb “On a long journey, even a straw weighs heavy”. Only keep enough luggage on you such as necessary documents, medications, camera, credit cards, earphones, enough clothes (according to the span of your stay), shoes and padlocks.

For your case, if you are having excess luggage on you more than allowed by the airline you are travelling with, you can opt for a trustworthy cargo company from UK to India and get your luggage transported quickly and safely over there.

If you ask me, don’t over pack in any case. Just keep enough cash and other necessary items on you so that you can enjoy a tremendous trip of India.

Staying Well

This is the aspect needing huge attention. If you spend a moment just talking about the Indian food, it’s delicious and very spicy. I kid you not. It is recommended to give a hand on to every single dish that’s included in Indian dining table, however, if your stomach doesn’t love the spicy foods, consider avoiding super spicy food. Otherwise, you would be getting Delhi-belly and needing to see the doctor.

As far as the food is concerned, always eat freshly cooked food and drink bottled water. Don’t eat food that’s open to flies or dirt and water from taps. This is the way you can avoid food poisoning. The saying goes, keep yourself hydrated and have a bottle of water on you all the time while you are out. Washing your hands after regular intervals with a decent hand wash will hit the nail on the head.
If you get yourself feeling green at the gills, use rehydration sachets as it’s probably due to the smiling sun.

Planning and Accommodation

Planning your trip before packing your bag is even important. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, India comes up against a mixed bag of climate conditions. On that account, plan your trip keeping a close eye on the weather. That will be fruitful, off course.

If you are backpacking India for the first time, we are beating the drums for homestays or backpacking hostels. Especially if you are a kind of gregarious person, then backpackers’ hostels are recommended. That is to say, you’ll be safe out there and can try different culinary experiments too.

Backpacking India is hell lot of fun, in general. But keeping all the necessary things in mind can save you quite a lot. We are pinning our hopes on these tips to make everything easy for your trip.Off you go!

Author bio :

William Johan loves to travel and feels happy in sharing his experiences. Currently he works in a reputed cargo company from UK to India. This has given him a chance to visit India many times.

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