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Viewing The World After Self Realization!

Viewing The World After Self Realization!

Hi Readers,

If you are already accustomed to my write-ups then I need not mention what exactly  am I talking about. But for those who have stumbled across me (my write ups) for the first time – well – here is a little bit about me. Yea, I need to write this ‘About Author’ at the very outset otherwise you will find it difficult to understand what exactly am I talking…or writing about!

A Little About Me:

I am a Sahaja Yoga practitioner. Sahaja Yoga is basically the knowledge based on spiritual science. The point where physics meets meta-physics! We, the Sahaja Yoga Practitioners, meditate to make our dormant divine energy (aka. Serpent energy or Kundalini shakti) rise up to the level where we attain our self realization. The serpent energy lies at the base of our spine and the higher level – where the awakened ‘Divine’ energy reaches –  is the Limbic area on the top of our heads – the fontanel bone area. Once this happens, we realize that we all are interconnected – each and every one of us – with a common divine thread! Anyone and everyone can do this yoga – irrespective of caste, creed, breed, age, nationality and other man-made barriers. It is also taught free of cost.

You may read elaborate write-ups on this by visiting the Sahaja Yoga site(s). Putting it briefly here, the Kundalini shakti (Divine Energy) passes through enery centers (aka. Chakras) that basically carry certain qualities that the practitioner must imbibe(absorb), nourish & cultivate in order to proceed to the next chakra. Yeah – sounds like a game right? – with levels that one has to cross over….facing hurdles etc…correct – quite like it!- we can call it the Divine Game.

Relationship Between The Individual And The World:

Just like an individual has the chakra system, so does the world have the same! Please take a look at the image below for an easier understanding and the co-relation between an individual and the world. Right now I have just covered two regions – Italy and France.


I will be covering each zone with the esoteric or spiritual significance of the area. So next time you visit the place – remember where you are in the divine body of the world! Enjoy your vacations!

Sahasrara      The Himalayas

Agnya             Center – Jerusalem, Bethlemem & Palestine

Right – Russia (Ego)- Left Temple/ Left – China (Superego)- Right Temple

Hamsa            New York

Vishuddhi      Center – Central America

Right – North America, Canada, Norway, Sweden,Finland, Denmark

Left – South America, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Czech, Poland

Anahata          Center – Ireland, Kolkata (India)

Right – Germany, Japan

Left – England

Bhavsagar     Middle East & Switzerland

Nabhi              Center – Greece, Europe, Right – France, Left – Austria

Swadisthana  RightFrance, Left – Africa &  Nepal

Mooladhara   Center – Australia, Right – New Zealand

Atma – Heart Trigger – The Spirit – Spain

Jivatma – The soul – Italy

Kundalini – Maharshtra (India)


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  1. Jai Shree Mataji, Dear brother, thank you for sharing this priceless information with us. Only thing I did not understand was that the image shows New Zealand as left Mooladhara whereas the text below indicates that New Zealand as Right Mooladhara. Kindly make the correct change. Secondly, Could you share with us the references or sources from where you got all this divine information ? Thank you. Jai Shree Mataji

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