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To reach the Isle of Beauty from the mainland, there are only two options; crossing by sea or by air. The best choice depends on many factors, including where you live, the number of travelers, the length of stay, and your activities there.


Here are in detail the advantages and disadvantages of the two options in order to reach Corsica from France;


The boat trip

The advantages of the ferry:

  • The possibility of leaving with your own car; you can board the Ferry with your vehicle, this has several advantages;
    • Limit the cost of the stay, no rental car or public transport budget.
    • Total freedom and independence on site, to go where you want when you want!
    • The comfort of being at the wheel of your personal vehicle, from your home to the port, but also during the entire visit of the island. It is always more enjoyable to drive a car than you know, especially on the small steep roads of the Corsican mountains.
    • The possibility of taking all the equipment necessary for a great family vacation; a cot, stroller, mountain bike, beach accessories…. Indeed, unlike the plane, luggage is not restricted to the ferry, you can fill your car!
  • The beauty of the trip, the boat trip offers magnificent landscapes and the holidays begin from the port with the impression of embarking on a mini-cruise.


The – of the ferry:

  • The departure for the sea crossing can only be done from 3 ports located in the south of France: Marseille, Toulon, Nice.

Depending on your place of residence, reaching one of these cities can represent a significant cost and lengthen the total journey time.

  • The trip by boat is longer than by plane; between 3:30 a.m. and 5:30 a.m., depending on the ferry you choose. NGVs (High-Speed ​​Ships) cover the distance faster than older ferries, but of course the faster the trip the higher the ticket price.

You can also opt for an overnight trip, between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. It allows you not to devote a precious day of vacation to the journey while reducing the cost of boat tickets.

The cost is generally advantageous, but very variable depending on the period and the choice of boat. Unsurprisingly, off-season prices can be particularly attractive, while they are higher in summer. However, even in summer, departures on weekdays are generally less expensive than on weekends. Also, note that booking your trip in advance allows great savings and that some companies offer reduced rates for children and students.


The crossing by air

The advantages of the plane:

  • The journey is made faster; 2 hours from Paris and only 40 minutes from Nice.
  • With more choices in departure cities (Paris, Toulouse, Clermont-Ferrand, Lyon, Marseille, Nice)

The – of the plane:

  • Air travel involves renting a car on site, which considerably increases the cost of the stay.
  • A higher ecological footprint.


In short, if you want to visit the city by car, and you can reach the southern ports quickly, the ferry option will be by far the most profitable. Conversely, if you do not have a vehicle and you live in the north or the far west of France, the plane will be more advantageous.



With the approach of the Easter holidays, the May bridges, or even the summer holidays, many people choose Corsica as their destination. Going to Corsica for a week gives you a very good overview of the Isle of Beauty. It is generally considered that it takes 15 days on-site to achieve a fairly complete tour of the island. In a week, it is, therefore, preferable to concentrate on a well-defined area: the North, inland Corsica, or the South for example. Here is an example of a circuit in Corsica for a period of 7 days, to be personalized according to the desires and the pace desired by each one. This itinerary is based on the “must-sees of Southern Corsica”.


What to visit in South Corsica in a week?

Day 1: Ajaccio

It is possible to reach the city of Ajaccio by plane or ferry. Visiting the city of Ajaccio allows you to discover part of the history of the island. The citadel, the Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption Cathedral, the Place d’Austerlitz, and the Maison Bonaparte are interesting to visit on site.


Day 2: Cruise in the bloodthirsty islands

This protected natural site is ideal for nature lovers. The Sanguinaire Islands are a set of 4 islands, with very diverse flora and fauna. The archipelago is a refuge especially for cormorants, peregrine falcons, and gulls. The full-day can be spent visiting these islands. Boat trips are scheduled from Ajaccio. The main island: Mezzo Mare, is ideal for walking and enjoying the crystal clear waters of Corsica.

Day 3: Filitosa, Propriano or Campomoro, Sartène

Towards the south of Corsica, a short stop at the prehistoric site of Filitosa is recommended. It is possible to discover menhirs with sculpted faces, it is an interesting place for those who appreciate old stones.

To take a short break during the day, a little trip to Propriano or Campomoro beach is ideal. You can decide to stay there in the afternoon to rest or take the road towards Sartène.

In Sartène, the medieval remains are recognized. It is very pleasant to discover the alleys of this very typical and charming small Corsican town. The area is famous for its prehistoric museum, the megalitres of Standard and Rinaghju, as well as the Dolmen of Funtanaccia in the heart of the Corsican maquis, as well as the Casa di Roccapina. A choice is to be made on the visits, according to the interests of each one.

Day 4: Figari, Pianottoli-Caldarello, Bonifacio

A shortstop for the morning is essential in Figari. The village is very charming. You just have to get lost in the alleys of Figari to enjoy the atmosphere of Figari.

A little further, the village of Pianottoli-Caldarello with its granite troglodyte houses, is also to be discovered. It is also possible to make a small stopover on the nearby beach.

Then head towards Bonifacio. The cliffs of Bonifacio are impressive. It is an “obligatory” place of passage during a stay in Southern Corsica. The Upper Town is very pretty. It deserves to spend at least the afternoon there.

Day 5: Cruise in the Lavezzi islands, relax at Rondinara, Palombaggia, or Santa Giulia beach

The landscapes and beaches of the South, near Bonifacio, are worthy of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. The cruise in the Lavezzi Islands is a must. The departure by boat is from Bonifacio. Once there, all you have to do is take your eyes off it. A mask/snorkel swim is recommended to enjoy the seabed.

A stopover can then be made on one of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica: Rondinara, Palombaggia, or Santa Giulia. Bathing suits and sunscreen are to be expe

Day 6: The needles of Bavella

Why not continue the route in the interior of Corsica? For walking enthusiasts, the Bavella site is a must. The panorama from the Col de Bavella (over 1,200 meters) is breathtaking. The landscapes all along the route are also interesting, immense pine forests are to be crossed. A stop at the famous “hole of the Bomb” is to be made.

Day 7: Return to Ajaccio / Figari / Bastia / Porto-Vecchio

Depending on the time and place of departure, it is possible to reach Ajaccio, Figari, or Bastia airports. The port of Porto-Vecchio allows for its return by ferry. For those who will have the opportunity to stop at Porto-Vecchio, the citadel is interesting to discover.

Where to sleep in Corsica?

For this route, the ideal is to book several accommodations. And so stay in the last city visited each day. Camping, B&B, hotel, apartment rental, there is a choice according to the budget and the desired level of comfort. For an apartment reservation for the night or for the week, the Home in Corse site offers many possibilities for a vacation rental in Corsica.


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Name- Julien Chbib

Bio- Julien is the founder of Julius Homes His interest in hiking, skiing, and adventure holidays made him bring together the choicest accommodations around the globe to make holidays relaxing and comfortable.


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