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Three of the Best Alternative Tourist Spots in Britain That You Never Knew

We are well aware of the hotspot tourist destination in Britain, but what most of us do not know are those hidden treasures for the tourists which they often miss out. There are certain places in Britain wherein you can catch some of the most alluring sights without having to jostle through the madding crowd. We have listed five of the most alternative tourist destinations in Britain.

The Eastgate Clock

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If you have been to Britain, you must have got the glimpse of iconic Big Ben, but then, did you catch the sight of the less-famous yet beautiful Eastgate Clock? Probably no! The Eastgate clock is not as popular as the Big Ben, but then, it is no less impressive. The clock is a commemorative structure erected to celebrate the reign of 60 years of Queen Victoria, on 27th May 1899. It is astutely engineered out of wrought iron, featuring golden gilded elaborations on all four faces. Climbing up the Eastgate Clock does not require advanced booking and is open to public, round the clock.


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It has been some 100 years that the mystery of Stonehenge has bewildered the historians around the world. There have been numerous academic debates over Stonehenge but it is not certainly the lone prehistoric site in Britain. Tread couple of miles north of Stonehenge and you will have Woodhenge- a ceremonial monument that has its roots in the Bronze Age. Woodhenge was re-discovered in the year 1925. It is believed that the monument stood as a circular structure that was made of some 170 wooden posts. Now, the posts have been re-engineered with concrete pillars. There are no restricted areas in Woodhenge and you can certainly explore the site by taking a walk around the pillars.

The Wheel of Liverpool

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London Eye has enthralled each and everyone who has come to London and the experience is one of a kind. What if you wish get an aerial glimpse of some of the other British cities? Well, you’ll be astonished as well as happy to know about the Wheel of Liverpool is there to offer you fascinating view. Wheel of Liverpool is situated close to Echo Arena in the popular Albert Dock. The Wheel of Liverpool isn’t as big as London Eye. It is 60m tall, but is still capable enough to offer you the most enthralling aerial view of the city. There are 40+ individual spacious capsules in the wheel that are fully air conditioned, designed to offer you utmost comfort.

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