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The Ever-enchanting Europe Trip: Every Traveler’s Dream!

Europe! The name itself conjures up vivid images of scenic beauty; lush greenery and snow-clad Alps Mountain. We have seen different destinations of Europe so many times in movies, yet the charm retains. It appears as a magical land where happiness prevails in its every nook and corner. One of the topmost holiday destinations in the world, Europe boasts of a rich cultural heritage with its amazing landscapes. It is the favorite travel destination of couples across the globe. It has retained its old world charm and ancient architecture in spite of getting modernized and giving into modern amenities and facilities. In case you too want a taste of the flavor of Europe, get in touch with your travel agent without further delay.
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Usually the European tour begins with London from where you will proceed to Paris. The European tour consists of all the major cities as they are the centre of socio-cultural life of Europe. Stay in some of the best hotels in this region. Since you are visiting Europe, it is better to make a plan of two-three weeks so that you can visit all the important places. Honestly, even these few weeks are quite less to get a complete grasp of this part of the world. Hence it is advisable to get hold of a European tour service provider so that they can arrange the visit to some of the must-see places within your limited time. When in London, don’t forget to visit the Buckingham Palace, the Big Ben, and of course, the Thames in order to get the correct feel of the place. And don’t forget the Eiffel Tower in Paris – billed as one of the most romantic places in the world.

Follow it up with small excursions to Pompeii and Florence – two ancient cities of Italy. The country of Italy is famous for its ancient architecture and medieval towns and cities. Don’t forget to include Panicale in your list. Located in the centre of the town, you will get the best wines to drink and some of the best foods to enjoy. Palazzo del Podesti, Palazzo Pretorio, and churches, towns, buildings and city walls – you name it and they have it.


Rome the Capital City of Italy, is home to the Coliseum, various art centers and museums, and great artifacts from civilizations of the past. According to statistics, even a year is not enough to see all that Rome has to offer. A beautiful and enigmatic city, it is a must-visit place. Without visiting this place, your European tour will remain incomplete.

When in Venice, plan a trip to Burano – a forty minute ferry trip from Venice. It will completely change your concept about Europe. Unlike the other cities, this place is in stark contrast to the medieval set up of Italy. The buildings and houses in this place are brightly colored. As per folklore, the fisherman of the area wanted to see their houses when in the sea and hence colored their house in bright colors to make them visible even from a great distant. This place is famous for its varied seafood as well as lace. It is the only place in the world that has a museum dedicated to lace of different types.

Another popular destination is Porto, located in Portugal. The scenic beauty of this region captivates all the visitors who come here. Well known for its rich history, exciting places and culture – it is an amazing vacation spot. One can visit many museums, parks, gardens, and fashion boutiques beside the ever popular Port Wine – a World Heritage Site designated by UNESCO.
Vienna, in Austria is another must see place. Home of Mozart, this place is Europe’s center of art and culture. A picturesque destination many tourists visit this destination every year. A very serene and attractive destination, it is a historically renowned city.

But the most important and attractive of all European Destinations is Switzerland. Without a trip to this place, your European trip will remain incomplete forever. Often considered to be the summer and winter sports paradise – this place is associated with romance, love and laughter. Top three places to visit in Switzerland consists of The Chateau de Chillon, Matterhorn and The Rhine Falls. One of the biggest cities of Switzerland is Zurich. Famous as an international banking hub, the place takes pride in itself as it is home to hundred galleries, fifty museums as well as the largest rave party in the whole of Europe.

So what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Europe today only and enjoy Nature and the creations of Human Civilizations in its full glory and charm.

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